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Colman Domingo was the best-dressed man at the 29th Annual Critics Choice Awards in Santa Monica, Calif. on Sunday night.

He was nominated for Best Actor for his role in Rustin, about Bayard Rustin, an advisor to Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Colman wore a mustard yellow blazer and matching trousers with a gold textured overcoat and a pair of gold satin Louboutin boots.

He is considered one of the best-dressed stars in Hollywood.


The 54-year-old “Candyman” star doesn’t have a stylist. He handpicks his wardrobe himself.


Colman’s style ranges from traditional tailored suits to khaki shorts.

He blends color, texture and patterns to compliment his 6′-2″ frame.


Colman was recently tapped by Disney/Marvel to replace disgraced actor Jonathan Majors in the MCU universe.

The Color Purple star couldn’t confirm that he was replacing Majors because he reportedly signed an NDA with the studio.


“I don’t know what to say about any of it!” he told E! News‘ Keltie Knight on the red carpet ahead of the 2024 Golden Globes.

“I’ve heard all the rumors — of course I would love to be a part of the MCU. What actor wouldn’t want to be?”

But he acknowledged that it was a “complicated” situation.

“I don’t even know what to say,” he winked. “But I love the fact that I’m in all these conversations, that’s a beautiful thing.”

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