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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis faces a hearing to testify about an alleged “improper” romantic relationship with her special prosecutor, Nathan Wade.

In November 2021, Willis appointed Wade as special prosecutor overseeing the RICO case against former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants.

Earlier this month, Trump co-defendant Michael Roman filed a motion asking the judge to remove Willis and her entire office from the case.

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Roman accused Willis of having an improper relationship with Wade. He claims the two used Fulton County taxpayer funds to go on holiday trips and cruises together.

On Thursday, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee set a February 2 deadline for Willis to respond to the explosive allegations.

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According to, the judge set a February 15 hearing for Willis to testify about the allegations in open court.

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Also on Thursday, Willis’ attorney asked Nathan’s divorce attorney to quash the subpoena for Willis to testify on January 23 at a deposition for Nathan’s estranged wife, Joycelyn Wade.

In her motion, Willis claimed the Wades’ marriage was “irretrievably broken” as early as 2017 — before she and Nathan ever met.

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Willis implied that she and Nathan met “after Joycelyn confessed to an adulterous relationship with [Nathan’s] longtime friend.”

Willis’ lawyer Cinque Axam wrote in court documents: “There is no information that District Attorney Willis could provide that might prove relevant to granting or denying the divorce.”

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Willis’ attorney claims Joycelyn’s actions are “obstructing and interfering” with the Trump RICO case.

Axam said Willis should not be forced to sit for the deposition because it would be “overburdensome” for her.

Legal experts say Willis will likely be asked to recuse herself from Trump’s RICO case due to “conflict of interest.”

But they say the case against Trump and his co-defendants will continue.