Photo may have been deleted

Taylor Swift is reportedly “furious” about deepfake AI-generated images that depict her in obscene poses with NFL players.

The pop star is considering taking legal action against Celeb Jihad, the p0rn site hosting the images, reported.

A source close to Taylor told on Thursday: “Whether or not legal action will be taken is being decided but there is one thing that is clear: these fake AI generated images are abusive, offensive, exploitative, and done without Taylor’s consent and/or knowledge.”

The source added: “The Twitter account that posted them does not exist anymore. It is shocking that the social media platform even let them be up to begin with.”

The obscene images were uploaded to Twitter/X, where they went viral this week.

Taylor is facing backlash because most NFL fans are tired of the saturation media coverage of her relationship with Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce.

NFL fans say they don’t want a Taylor Swift Super Bowl. The backlash against Travis’s girlfriend has begun as her deepfake AI images flood social media.

Some of the images are too vulgar to post on a family-oriented blog.

One disgusting image shows the pop star participating in an orgy with the entire Kansas City Chiefs offensive line.

Another image shows Taylor laughing while eating an ice cream cone as hungry African children gather around her crying.

Photo may have been deleted

Other vulgar images show Sesame Street Character Oscar the Grouch defiling Taylor on top of a bag of garbage. The caption reads: “Yep, Oscar’s not grouchy but Trailer is still trash.”

That image and the Twitter/X account that posted it were removed but other inappropriate images of Taylor are still circulating.

It all began when the Chiefs narrowly escaped New York with a win over the hapless Buffalo Bills in an NFL playoffs game on January 21.

The Chiefs advanced to the AFC Championship game in Baltimore, where they will play the Ravens on Sunday.

Suddenly, the Ravens have a new legion of fans who pray that they knock off the Chiefs to avoid a Taylor Swift Super Bowl.

Taylor’s loyal fans, a.k.a. “Swifties,” are howling in protest over the AI fakes. The fakes are being deleted, but it isn’t fast enough for the Swifties.