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A Georgia prosecutor accused of having an affair with Fulton County DA Fani Willis has settled his divorce case with his wife.

Nathan Wade was appointed by Willis to be special prosecutor in Donald Trump’s Georgia election interference case.

Wade was set to be questioned in court on Wednesday about his affair with Willis. But on Tuesday he reported his divorce had been settled out of court.

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Wade filed for divorce from Joycelyn Wade in November 2021. The divorce was filed a day after he was appointed special prosecutor by his alleged girlfriend, Willis.

By settling out of court, Wade will not have to testify about his romantic relationship with the district attorney.

And Willis won’t have to testify at a deposition for Joycelyn next month.

However, reported Wednesday that Willis and Wade have been subpoenaed to testify at a Feb. 15 hearing.

A judge will hear motions from Trump and a co-defendant to disqualify Willis and Wade from the election interference case.

Attorney Ashleigh Merchant dropped a bombshell on January 8 when she filed a motion on behalf of Michael Roman asking the court to drop charges against her client because Willis and Wade were involved in an “improper” and “clandestine” relationship.

Court documents accuse Willis of hiring her boyfriend, and paying him twice as much as two experienced RICO prosecutors in her office.

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Bank records released in Cobb County show that Wade purchased tickets to Miami on his personal credit card for himself, Willis and his mother, Clara Bowman, of Texas.

The three plane tickets cost a combined $1,367. That same day, he paid more than $2,600 to Royal Caribbean Cruises, according to

After landing in Miami, Willis and Wade embarked on a cruise from Miami to Aruba.

Bowman stayed in Miami and returned to Texas on Oct. 31, according to flight records viewed by

Joycelyn Wade is now a resident of Odessa, Texas, according to the NY Post. Mr. Wade remains in their 7-bedroom home in Marietta, Georgia.