Photo may have been deleted

An Atlanta area restaurant is going viral for charging a $20 “Live Band Entertainment Fee” on customers’ receipts.

One customer who dined at Katch Kitchen & Cocktails in Tucker, Ga., posted a photo of their receipt on Twitter/X.

The receipt shows a “Live Band Entertainment Fee” of $20, bringing the total bill to $293.00. The total also includes a $41.55 “Service charge” and $14 for 2 bottles of water.

Many people expressed their outrage at the apparent over-billing.

One person wrote: “Hence the name ‘Katch.'”

But others say the restaurant attracts a certain “prestigious” clientele who don’t mind paying extra for entertainment.

Photo may have been deleted

Katch has 3.5 stars on and most of the reviews are positive.

“Well, it’s a well-known restaurant and prestigious people patronize it so it’s not that deep,” one follower wrote.

A third person wrote: “Ive seen it happen loads of times usually the customer knows about the charge beforehand. Instead of purchasing a ticket to see the band they add it to your bill.”