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Former President Trump launched a new line of $399 limited edition sneakers that sold out in 4 hours.

Trump launched his signature gym shoes at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia on Saturday, Feb. 17. The sneakers sold out within 4 hours after the launch.

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“The Never Surrender High-Top Sneaker,” sold for $399 each. Each pair was numbered and at least 10 sneakers were autographed by the former president.

Only 1,000 pairs of the gold metallic sneakers were available at Trump’s online store.

One man paid $9,000 for a pair of sneakers autographed by Trump.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time,” Trump said Saturday while introducing his signature sneakers.

“I have some incredible people that work with me on things, and they came up with this, and this is something I’ve been talking about for 12 years, 13 years, and I think it’s gonna be a big success,” he said.

Trump also launched a low-top “T – Red Wave” sneaker and the “POTUS 45,” both priced at $199.

“Trump Sneakers are not designed, manufactured, distributed or sold by Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization or any of their respective affiliates or principals,” the website notes.

Trump launched his limited edition sneakers a day after a New York judge fined him $355 million in a civil fraud case. He plans to appeal the fine.