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A new witness has come forward offering to testify about conversations she had with Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade’s former attorney, Terrence Bradley (left).

Cobb County Assistant District Attorney Cindi Lee Yeager offered to testify about conversations she had with Bradley regarding Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and Wade.

They are coming after us

Yeager offered to testify that she had numerous conversations with Bradley about Willis and Wade’s relationship.

In a court filing, Yeager said Bradley visited her office in September 2023. While he was there, Bradley received a phone call from Willis.

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Yeager overheard Willis attempt to silence Bradley after Willis read a Washington Examiner article that stated how much money she paid Wade and his law firm.

“Ms. Yeager heard District Attorney Willis tell Mr. Bradley: ‘They are coming after us. You don’t need to talk to them about anything about us,'” the court filing stated.

Yeager said Bradley told her in detail about where Willis first met Wade before Willis hired him as the special prosecutor in November 2021.

Bradley told Yeager that the relationship began around the time Willis and Wade met in 2019.

Bradley also told defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant the same thing.

However, in previous testimony on Friday, Bradley could not recall “a specific date” when Willis and Wade’s relationship began.

He was shown text messages that he exchanged with Merchant a few months ago. Bradley acknowledged the text messages, but he couldn’t recall sending the texts to Merchant.

Willis and Wade both testified under oath that their romantic relationship began after she hired Wade in November 2021.

Yeager also stated in the court filing that Wade personally prepared his own divorce documents against his wife, Joycelyn Wade.

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Wade allegedly told Bradley to sign the divorce documents and file them on Wade’s behalf.

This may be the reason why Judge Scott McAfee told Bradley that the attorney-client privilege did not prevent him from testifying about Wade in court.

Judge McAfee will determine whether to disqualify Willis and Wade from Trump’s RICO case. If Willis and Wade are disqualified, Trump’s case will be handed to another Georgia DA.

Judge McAfee said Friday that he will announce his decision in the next two weeks.

There are two factors that will likely affect his decision:

1. Judge McAfee donated to Willis’ campaign when she ran for Fulton County DA.

2. The judge is up for reelection this year.