King Charles III is alive and well, Buckingham Palace confirmed in a press release on Monday. Rumors swept the Internet over the weekend after a Russian news agency falsely reported the King died on Saturday afternoon.

“The following announcement is made by royal communications. The King passed away unexpectedly yesterday afternoon,” the fake news report read. The missive featured the official seal of the King’s London residence.

Britons abroad were relieved to learn that the rumors were false and that he is not on his death bed.

The 75-year-old British monarch was recently diagnosed with cancer after undergoing surgery on his prostate. has since learned the palace issued a statement to the Russian state-run TASS news agency setting the record straight that Charles is NOT dead.

“We are happy to confirm that The King is continuing with official and private business,” the update read.

Rumors about his demise have gone into overdrive amid reports that Kate Middleton is missing or presumed dead.

However, the Princess of Wales was spotted shopping at a farm shop with her husband Prince William on Saturday.

Five prominent news agencies deleted a Mother’s Day photo of Kate that was issued by Kensington Palace because it had been altered.

Kate apologized for using a photo editor to modify the image 30+ times before it was released to the world on March 10.