Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

SZA revealed she had her breast implants removed due to a family history of breast cancer and fibrosis.

The R&B singer told S.H.E. MD podcast that she “snuck” and had the breast implants procedure without consulting her doctor.

SZA, 34, said her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and her aunt had a mastectomy. SZA’s doctor told her she has a 53% lifetime risk of developing breast cancer because of her family history.

SZA had an appointment to see her doctor before getting implants, but she “snuck and got it anyways.”


The singer said she realized she made a bad decision when she developed hardening of the breasts due to a buildup of fibrotic scar tissue.

“So basically, I put them in. They ended up hurting me,” she said. “I got way too much scar tissue because my breasts are too dense and I’m not supposed to have breast implants. And so I ended up getting extra fibrosis like with tissue, whatever, and I didn’t feel good and it was painful. So, I took them out, and now, they’re just my boobs.”

A doctor previously diagnosed SZA with dense breast tissue. That means her breasts were mostly composed of fibrous tissue instead of fatty tissue.

She continued: “When I got my boobs done, my doctor took out some of my fibrosis, but… there was so much fibrosis, it was crazy,’ she said. “And he took it out. And so, when I went back, a lot of the concerns were gone.”

SZA said her doctor performed a biopsy of a lump in her breast. She also had a test done for tumor markers in her breasts that could indicate the level (or lack of) cancer in her body.

She added, “I like seeing somebody spiritual about it, specifically the breast cancer situation and the marker before I had the results of the biopsy and all that, I had talked to somebody, because I was like, I got to figure out what’s going on in the higher realms…”