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Jill Scott is not backing down after she defended Chris Brown amid past allegations of abusive behavior.

On Sunday, Scott drew backlash from fans who were upset that she praised Brown for his talents despite abuse allegations.

Brown pled guilty plea after assaulting his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, but her fans won’t let it go.

Scott took to X/Twitter to declare that Brown is “amazing” and “gifted” after he dropped his Quavo diss track, titled “Weakest Link.”

“@chrisbrown is amazing. How does ANYBODY sing like THAT? Dance, look, Act and Rap… like THAT? Beyond gifted. It appears, exceptional people have to go through exceptional [fire emoji]. There’s nothing to debate.”

One fan wrote: “I think the women he’s abused would disagree.”

Brown is also accused of abusing his ex Karrueche Tran. The actress broke up with him soon after.

Another fan tweeted: “I love you Jill but he has so many domestic abuses cases it’s ridiculous we can’t look past that.”

Scott replied: “I love you too. I’m not here to fight anymore else’s battles. If/since women hear the stories, they should avoid that street. Running backwards in moving traffic makes zero sense. Therapy for every damn body.”


Scott asked her followers to “lead with love,” but she acknowledged that most people want to live in the past.

“Walked away, came back, googled, read tweets, listened to friends & considered the state of us as a whole. Some, lead with love ( YOU gave me perspectives to consider & directive. THANK YOU ). Some a you ONLY want the highs of war. You may have your war.”

One fan wrote: “I’m glad Jill still has her tweets up and I hope she doesn’t delete later. Trying to bully celebs into thinking like yall is very cultish. Just because you have hive mentality and want to follow the leader doesn’t mean everybody else has to.”