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Interview magazine

Rihanna appears on the cover of Interview magazine’s Spring 2024 issue wearing a nun’s habit and an unbuttoned white blouse.

In other photos, Rihanna is bruised and battered like she went 12 rounds in the boxing ring with Mike Tyson.

The interview was conducted by Rihanna’s former stylist Mel Ottenberg, who asked Rihanna about undergoing cosmetic surgery.


“I want my titties pinned back to my shoulders, right where they used to be. I don’t want implants. I just want a lift,” Rihanna said.

“You’ve always taken advantage of my silhouette and what my body is doing. Like when I’m mad skinny, my boobs are, like, nothing and I have a little booty, and you work with that. And now it’s like, ‘Okay, I had two babies. You really have to push this up, snatch this in, or do an illusion of a little bit of skin here.'”


The singer praised baby daddy A$AP Rocky’s sense of style.

“Isn’t he the best? I be feeling bummy as shit next to this man,” she said. “I feel like, goddamn, I look like his assistant. I’m getting on a plane. We should be in sweats. He wants to be in a full Bottega suit. I’m like, ‘Why you got to do that to me?'”


RiRi also explained how COVID convinced her and A$AP Rocky to start a family.

“COVID sped up our relationship, which I felt like god knew we needed because we were going to start a family. And had it not been for COVID, we would’ve taken a lot more time to get comfortable with each other, to even know that we were ready.”


Rihanna and A$AP are parents to sons RZA and Riot Rose.

The mom-of-2 says she won’t stop having babies until she gives birth to a girl.

OTTENBERG: How many more kids do you want?

RIHANNA: As many as God wants me to have… I don’t know what God wants, but I would go for more than two. I would try for my girl. But of course if it’s another boy, it’s another boy.