Photo may have been deleted

Bandman Kevo’s 16-year-old son, Kevian Andre Rice was shot dead in Michigan on Sunday. The 34-year-old Chicago rapper took to his Instagram Story to ask for information about Kevian.

Police believe the shooting may be linked to an online marketplace transaction.

The concerned dad shared a photo of his deceased son holding a Glock handgun with an extended clip.

Photo may have been deleted

“Anyone know anything about what happen to my boy dm me details,” Kevo, born Kevin Ford, wrote.

In another post, he wrote: “Anybody in Kalamazoo know anything about my son death dm me now.”

After confirming his son was shot to death, Kevo wrote: “RIP Kevian.”

Kevo was not present in his son’s life. He and Kevian’s mother were not on speaking terms.

Fans ripped Kevo for not being a good father to his teenage son.

In 2020, Kevo admitted he paid then 20-year-old YouTube influencer Kayla Nicole to help boost his wife’s social media follow count.

Kayla Nicole had over 5 million followers on YouTube.

Kevo said he had sex with Kayla Nicole out of a sense of duty to help his wife, Dyme, to increase her follow count.

“I was having sex with [Kayla] and giving her money… That is not my type of girl,” Kevo said, referring to Kayla Nicole.

“If it’s gonna open up a door, I’m willing to do that… This can probably help out Dyme because [Kayla is] big [on social media],” he said.

Kevo released his first single “How We Do It” in June 2012. His other songs include “Baller in Me” and “All Foreign.”

In 2016, Kevo and his then-girlfriend, Mercedes, pleaded guilty to credit card and bank fraud. He was accused of stealing $639,000 from banks and sentenced to 22 months in prison.

“I will do everything possible to stay relevant,” Kevo said in a statement. “Twenty-two months will fly and I will be back better than ever and on my cocky sh*t.”