Social media was in an uproar after video showed Rihanna holding her son RZA in a dangerous position at his 2nd birthday party in NYC.

The Internet wanted to call Child Protective Services on Rihanna for holding son RZA upside down as invited guests sang “Happy Birthday” to him.

The frightened toddler tried to make sense of his upside down view of the world. Luckily, his mother didn’t drop him on his head.

Then A$AP Rocky doubled down by sharing photos of him holding RZA upside down while Rihanna plays with adorable son Riot Rose.

He captioned the photo: “Happiest birthday 2 my first born baby boy RZA.”

Child experts warn that this type of “play” can be dangerous if the child is dropped accidentally.

Risks include a concussion, swelling and bleeding on the brain.

RiRi’s fans took her side. Many confessed they’ve held their own children upside down.