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Social media is having a field day hating on the WNBA’s No. 1 draft pick, Caitlin Clark.

Clark, 22, plays for the worst team in the league: the Indiana Fever. Critics note that Clark had 13 turnovers in her team’s first 2 regular season losses.

The Indiana Fever lost by 36 points to the New York Liberty in their first home game on Thursday.

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Meanwhile, the San Antonio Spurs’ No. 1 draft pick, 7′-4″ center Victor Wembanyama gets nothing but love from fans and sports writers.

Wembanyama, a.k.a “Wemby,” was drafted by the worst team in the NBA. The Spurs have the 4th worst record in the league. Yet, the NBA’s Rookie of the Year is praised by sports writers.

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One of Clark’s most vocal critics, Las Vegas Aces star A’ja Wilson, sparked controversy when she said Clark’s popularity is due to her being white.

Wilson recently signed a Nike shoe deal to become the first Black WNBA player with her own signature shoe.

But Wilson’s shoe deal materialized only after writers criticized Nike for paying Clark $28 million.

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Wilson and the other trash-talking players would still be flying coach on commercial airliners instead of charter jets if it wasn’t for Clark.

Wilson should be thanking Clark for the cash and perks she’s currently receiving.

In fact, every WNBA player should thank Clark for breathing life into their stale league.