Thaddaeus McAdams/Exclusive Access

Erica Banks is going viral over her botched BBL. The 25-year-old Texas rapper recently went viral after debuting her new Brazilian butt lift (BBL) at the TwoGether Land Music Festival in Dallas over the weekend.

Thaddaeus McAdams/Exclusive Access

In a viral video, Erica proudly showcased her new BBL on the stage. But Erica’s fans were shocked by her disfigured shape.

Fans said Erica looked great before the surgery. They blamed her surgeon for the botched procedure.

One person wrote: “Her surgeon needs to be doing jail time. That sht sickening.”

Thaddaeus McAdams/Exclusive Access

Another person tweeted: “These women will make themselves look goofy and then tell a lie and say men be wanting it. No man ever said yeah get a azz that’s bigger then your legs.”

A third user wrote: “She looked fine before she went and got more added… what is wrong with these people?”

Recently Erica freestyled over Sexyy Red’s “Get It Sexyy.” Erica impressed fans with her freestyling skills.


When the Instagram blog Neighborhood Talk asked Erica about going “freestyle for freestyle” with Megan Thee Stallion, Erica responded by quoting Megan’s rival, Nicki Minaj:

“Everybody can do a freestyle on whatever beat they choose. But, it’s a big difference between me and you.”

Erica recently parted ways with Megan’s old record label 1501 Entertainment.

After a years-long legal battle with label head Carl Crawford, Megan eventually reached a confidential settlement in 2023. Now Megan owns her own masters and recently signed a distribution deal with Warner Music Group.