Photo may have been deleted

R&B singer Jacquees and reality show star Deiondra Sanders shared photos and videos from their gender reveal party held at their Atlanta home on Saturday.

The pint-sized R&B singer revealed they are expecting a baby boy. The theme of the gender reveal was TNT dynamite.

Jacquees, 30, pushed a handle on a black box labeled “TNT” and blue smoke appeared.

Deiondra, 32, revealed that Jaquees will pick the name of their son.

“It’s only one name that he did mention that I actually really like, and it’s unisex,” Deiondra explained. “I said I was going to wait until I know the gender to start picking names. But the one that he did mention — I actually really like that.”

Instagram followers remarked that Jacquees and Deiondra looked like a lesbian couple. It was all in fun.

According to, grandfather-to-be Deion Sanders, 56, was not present at the gender reveal.

But he did make an appearance via FaceTime. He also congratulated the couple on their “little engine” on Instagram.

That was an apparent dig at Jacquees, who is short. Deion previously expressed his displeasure over his daughter’s choice in men.

He also said he’s still coming to terms with being a grandfather at his young age.

“I haven’t digested that whole thing yet,” Deion, 56, told, adding that “not one thing” excites him about becoming a grandfather.

“I’m proud of my baby that she’s at least waited until her thirties to give me this gift of life,” Deion added. “I’m happy about that, but I want to make sure she’s straight emotionally and psychologically as well.”

Deiondra announced her pregnancy last month on Instagram. She said her pregnancy was a divine intervention due to her ongoing health issues.

“Even though this was not planned nor expected, this is still something God allowed to happen. I’m not having my baby to keep a man. I am having my baby for all the times I was told I wouldn’t be able to,” she wrote in March.