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Kimora Lee Simmons says she felt a “little embarrassed” when her 21-year-old daughter, Aoki Lee, went viral for kissing a 65-year-old man.

Kimora said she thought her daughter got played by an older man.

TMZ caught up with the fashion mogul Thursday in NYC, and asked her about Aoki’s brief May-December relationship with restaurateur, Vittorio Assaf.

Kimora says she doesn’t think it was ever a real relationship. She said Aoki is a “young, pretty girl,” and “we don’t think that the toads that we may kiss is gonna be” viral.

Kimora adds she feels her daughter was set up and, she implies that the huge age difference screwed with her daughter’s head.

She says she felt embarrassed that Aoki publicly hooked up with Vittorio, but it didn’t stop her from showing Aoki love and support.

The photos went viral on April 7, as fans expressed concern over the “creepy” images. But Aoki later took to Instagram to tell people to mind their own business.
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TMZ also asked Kimora about family friend Sean Combs. She said her kids are close to his twins, Jessie and D’Lila. She says the twins attended her 49th birthday dinner recently.

“They’re great. It was just my birthday and they came over. We had dinner together,” Kim said.

When asked how Puffy’s twins are coping, Kim said, “They’re being fabulous, and I love them so much and I have their back. I watch all of their animals. They’re juniors in high school. They’ll all be together in school next year … with Kenzo.

She said the twins and her son Kenzo are very close, like brother and sisters.

“They’re really, really actually good big sisters to Kenzo and Gary and Wolf, and I think they love that, because [her sons] are the little ones in the house.”

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