Photo may have been deleted

If you didn’t get your hands on Mary J. Blige’s fly Giuseppe Zanotti “Mary” boots, you will have to wait until they hit eBay.

The $1300 boots sold like hotcakes on day 1 of the launch of her designer boot line.

According to the TheJasmineBrand, Mary recently announced that she partnered with fashion house Giuseppe Zanotti to design the stylish boots.

Photo may have been deleted

Mary’s fans drooled over the promo photos of the boots online. But they gagged at the retail $1295 price. Some users shared their disappointment over the unaffordable price.

Others wondered why she chose to collaborate with the Italian fashion house instead of a cheaper American designer.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

One user wrote: “She could have done this collab with Steve Madden instead.”

Another user wrote: “It is exhausting to have people decide what other people can afford based on what THEY can afford.”

Others noted that Mary’s audience are grown women of a certain age who have time and money on their hands.