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BACKGRID, screengrab

Actress Anya Taylor-Joy was nearly assaulted by an overzealous autograph hunter at the airport in France where she’s attending the Cannes Film Festival.

The mixed race star of the upcoming Mad Max film “Furiosa,” was walking to her car with her bodyguard when the autograph hound refused to take no for an answer.

In a video uploaded by TikTok user @makaveli75paris, the “aggressive” fan tried to rush Anya, but he was blocked by her security.

He managed to nearly stab her with his pen and he knocked her oversized hat off her head.


“Monsieur, s’il vous plait,” she says in French. Anya speaks English, French and Spanish. She was born in Miami by accident while her parents were vacationing there from Argentina. Anya was raised in London.

The footage angered fans who criticized her bodyguards for not doing a better job of protecting the “Queen’s Gambit” star.


One fan tweeted: “Remember when you buy an autograph from eBay, this is what happens to your celebrity crush.”

Another fan wrote on, “Why did they wait so long to open the damn door for her???!!!”


A third fan said the video made her buy Anya’s Jacquemus Le Chapeau Bomba hat and ATLEIN dress online.

Anya’s mother was born in Zambia, one of the safest countries in Africa.