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One student was injured when Howard University shut down a graduation ceremony for nursing students in Washington DC on Thursday.

The graduation ceremony was abruptly canceled due to over-capacity, according to the AP.

After growing backlash from parents on social media, Howard University announced it will re-schedule the ceremony for Sunday.

One person was hurt during an incident after the graduation ceremony was cut short around 6:42 p.m. on campus at Cramton Auditorium.

But D.C. Fire and EMS denied shutting down the commencement ceremony. They said they only responded to a 911 call.

Officials said the event drew a large number of guests, which exceeded the building’s capacity. A glass door shattered when people tried to force their way inside the facility.

“During the ceremony, a visitor who was not able to enter the facility, which had reached capacity, leaned on the front door, unintentionally applying pressure to a pane causing it to break,” according to an official statement. “This incident led to a disturbance among guests and a disruption of the program taking place inside. Guests in attendance were immediately dispersed following this incident.”

“EMS personnel who were on location offered assistance to someone who sustained a minor laceration,” the statement continued. “No further information is available and no other injuries were reported.”

Students complained that their families traveled from out of town to attend the graduation on Thursday. Now they are forced to make arrangements to stay in D.C. until Sunday.

“All the money we spent. My father and grandfather came down from North Carolina,” said one nursing student.