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Matthias Clamer for Vibe magazine

Sean “Puffy” Combs allegedly took off his belt and whipped a college girlfriend in front of shocked students.

Witnesses who attended Howard University in Washington DC in the late 1980s says Combs’s history of violence against women dates back to his college days.

An eyewitness told Rolling Stone that Combs was allegedly “super angry” and “screaming at the top of his lungs” at his ex.

“[He] whupped her butt — like really whupped her butt,” said the source, who asked to remain anonymous.

The witness said Combs beat the girl “all over the place,” which made her break down in tears.


Other students attempted to stop Combs, but he was too irate.

“She was trying to defend herself a little bit. She was crying,” the source claimed. “And we were telling him, ‘Get off of her.’ We were screaming for her.”

Another student recalled hearing women outside saying, “Puff is out here acting crazy. He’s beating her.”

Combs’s unidentified college girlfriend declined to comment when contacted by Rolling Stone.

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The incident happened before Combs met the late Kim Porter, the mother of his twin daughters.

Witnesses said Combs was “controlling” and tried to intimidate his college girlfriend by showing up to her English class to get her to leave with him.

“She would tense up [when Combs appeared],” said a student, who sat next to the woman. “He just had a weird control thing. I felt like she was fearful.”