Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Caitlin Clark exchanged words with Seattle Storm guard Victoria Vivians in Indiana on Thursday night. The players were hit with double technical fouls.

The Indiana Fever rookie is at risk of a suspension after her third technical foul in nine games.

According to WNBA rules, players get suspended for one game after their seventh technical foul of the season. They sit for an additional game for every technical after that.

The NY Post blamed Clark for the verbal altercation. But it’s clear that WNBA players are targeting her.

Watch below as a WNBA player runs off the free throw line to intimidate Clark.

The referee told the player to get back to the line for her second free throw.

Have you ever seen NBA players leave the free throw line to confront another NBA player in the middle of their free throws?

Clark is considered the WNBA savior because her presence has attracted thousands of new WNBA fans. Her games are sold out, and for the first time in league history, the teams fly charter instead of commercial.

It’s just a matter of time before Clark quits the WNBA. Then the teams will ride Greyhound buses to their games.