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Cardi B is concerned for young Black males after Congress voted to reinstate the automatic military draft.

The Republican-led House of Representatives voted last week to automatically register eligible men ages 18-26 for military service.

The resolution was included in the defense budget for the next fiscal year.

Cardi B commented on the bill in a livestream video over the weekend.

“So I just read an article saying that the House just passed a bill that they’re going to automatically register men from 18 to 26 for war, Okay?” she said in the video.

“And all I wanna say is, to America, good luck with that. These new little ni**as are TikTokers, baby. These motherf***ers ain’t going to fight in no war. You gon’ die! You might as well just keep motherf***ing investing money in y’all guns. ‘Cause these new kids, you wanna send these new kids to fight these wars?”

She continued: “This is a new America, baby, this ain’t the 19-motherf***ing… No, like, seriously, you gonna draft these kids that be TikToking all day to fight them, what, most likely what, them Russians? Them motherf***ers that be fighting bears and s**t, and motherf***ing clammy monsters to go to school and whatever? I got some news for you motherf***ers.”

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Cardi B has good reason to be worried. Her music-buying audience is mostly comprised of males 18-26.

A military draft is currently in place, but it is voluntary. The new bill automatically registers males and forces them off of TikTok and into military service.

The bill is necessary because the all-voluntary military has seen a shortage of enlisted men in the ranks over the past 4 years.