Method Man says he’s never going back to Hot 97 Summer Jam because the crowd is too young.

The actor and member of iconic hip-hop group, Wu Tang Clan, tweeted that he will never return to Summer Jam after performing on Sunday.

Method Man, born Clifford Smith, Jr., 53, took to social media after his performance to complain that the “generation gap is just too wide.”


“Not our crowd at all,” he wrote. “Thanks again, New York and the whole tri-state (that showed up to the event) plus Pete and Ebro. I got love for you guys, but never again… at this point the generation gap is just too wide for me.. #nevercomingback.”

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Wu Tang Clan was banned from performing at Hot 97 Summer Jam after a disagreement between the group and station management.

Group member Inspectah Deck said, “The deal was, as far as I remember, you gotta come back and do this Hot 97 Summer Jam or we’re not gonna play any more of your records on your station.”

The last time the group took the stage, rapper Ghostface Killah shouted out, “F*ck Hot 97!”

The radio station responded by banning their records on the air. Other radio stations also followed suit.

Method Man gained a new generation of fans in his role as suave attorney Davis MacLean on the Stars TV series “Power Book II: Ghost.”

He also played the drug dealer Cheese on the iconic HBO series “The Wire.”