Photo may have been deleted

A Michigan man who went viral for driving on a suspended license while joining a Zoom hearing has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Corey Harris joined the Zoom call from his car to request a new court date.

But Judge J Cedric Simpson expressed surprise that Harris was driving on a suspended license.

“OK, so maybe I don’t understand something,” Simpson said. “This is a driving while license suspended [case], and he was just driving, and he didn’t have a license.”

Harris looked stunned when the judge ordered him to turn himself in at the county jail by that evening. “Failure to turn himself in will result in a bench warrant with no bond,” Simpson said.

According to reports, Harris’s license was suspended as part of a child support case.

In January 2022, a judge ordered that Harris’s suspension be lifted to allow him to drive again.

But his license still showed as suspended in the court’s computer system.

It took less than five minutes for Scripps News Detroit to search Saginaw County court records to find the judge’s order reinstating Harris’s license.

Khyla Craine, the deputy legal director for the Michigan Secretary of State, tried to explain the clerical error.

“Sometimes it is simple as we at the Secretary of State’s office did not get a clearance from the court that everything was done, but something happened in the wires, and we needed to talk to the court to get the clearance and clean it up for the resident,” Craine said.