Photo may have been deleted

Rapper Nicki Minaj sparked divorce rumors online when she posted a cryptic tweet that read, “Yea Single.” Speculation ran wild that she and husband Kenny “Zoo” Petty were divorcing.

She followed up by sharing a tearful video about motherhood, and pretending to cry onstage in the middle of her set.

Some bloggers didn’t fall for the obvious promo stunt.

According to Rhymeswithsnitch, Nicki dismissed the rumors that she started.

Nicki posted a video that shows her, Kenny, their son, and Nicki’s manager, Deb Antney, boarding a private jet.

The video shows the mom-of-one sending her son, Papa Bear, up the jet’s steps alone. The rapper says something about going to 2 sold-out shows with Papa Bear.

Fans were skeptical. One fan wrote: “Yes yes yes girl we know he made up with you he just wanted to make you think he would walk away had you crying and begging him back. He gone hang in there a while longer so he can run up a check and get real used to the lifestyle you provide so that you can really cash him out in alimony and child support.”

Another person wrote: “The body language btwn them says it all…”

A third person wrote, “I thanks God I never jumped into conclusions. Am happy for you queen.”