Photo may have been deleted

Fans rallied behind Bebe Rexha after she booted a man out of her concert for throwing an object at her.

The incident happened on July 6 in Norway. Cell phone video shows the curvy pop superstar threatening to sue a concertgoer who threw an object at her.

“If you hit me with something on stage i’ll take you for everything you’ve f***ing done,” she yelled. “Do not f***ing play with me right now.”

Bebe asked her fans, “Which one? Which one? Point to the person. I wanna see him.”

“Out, out. Get the f*** out,” she said, as a burly security guard lifted the man over a metal barrier. Bebe’s fans yelled “Bye!” and waved at the man as security escorted him out of the venue.

In a previous incident, Bebe suffered a serious eye injury when a concertgoer threw his cell phone that hit her in the face last June.

Photo may have been deleted

The man was arrested, and he pled guilty to simple assault and harassment. He was sentenced to serve 40 days of community service and a six-month order of protection.

“I was trying to see if I could hit her with the phone at the end of the show because it would be funny,” the pet store employee told police.