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Ye West hid his face during a solo outing in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. Ye, formerly, Kanye, was seen hopping into his Tesla Cybertruck days after he retired from the music industry.

Fellow rapper Rich The Kid shared a text message from Ye, who writes, “I am retiring from professional music. Not sure what else to do.”

Rich The Kid begged Ye to reconsider, but Ye did not respond.

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After sharing the text message, Rich The Kid also announced on X (formerly Twitter) that he’s dropping a pre-recorded track featuring Ye on his forthcoming album, Life’s a Gamble.

Via CinemaBlend — Some may be skeptical as to whether or not Kanye West is legitimately planning to ride off into the sunset, so to speak. After all, the Grammy winner does know how to stir up buzz with a publicity stunt. However, based on what a source told TMZ Hip Hop, there appears to be some validity to this declaration. The insider says that because West is putting so much of his heart and soul into the work, he feels as though he’s been drained. It’s also noted that fans have been seeing Kanye put in 100% efforts whenever he’s performed over the past several years and that that’s added to his purported strain.

The 47-year-old rapper has won 24 Grammy Awards and was ranked the 3rd top producer of the decade in 2010 by Billboard.