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    Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 06:27:21
    From: sweethunni@ymail.com
    To: sandra@sandrarose.com
    Subject: The KKK costume isn't the worst part

    I believe there is a thin line between dry humor and ignorance and this crossed it. Seriously I am not just sadden that this is a costume but the fact that this young lady is tolerating it. We got to do better.

    It looks like she was the only black one at the party but nonetheless she made a statement by just putting up with it. Her 'best friend" the white girl in the picture was hosting the party at her home somewhere in Fort Valley, how good of a friend is that?

    Her name is Cassidy Robinson, a UGA Student, she has more pictures on her face book.... I'm not trying to call her out, well I am, but she should know better. SOURCE

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R&B singer Sammie accepted rapper Soulja Boy's $50,000 Madden '09 challenge. The two met up in an Atlanta recording studio yesterday to lay down tracks for Sammie's upcoming album.

If you didn't see Soulja Boy's open challenge, click here.

Sammie, who's flush with cash from royalties and shows, said it's nothing for him to put up 50 stacks to prove who's King of the South in Madden '09.

According to Sammie, Bow Wow still hasn't ante'd up the $100,000 he lost to rapper The Game in a recent Madden '09 challenge.

In the video, Sammie says if he wins Soulja Boy's $50,000, he's taking the whole Empire Entertainment crew to Neiman Marcus at Lenox Square Mall.

So I talked to his management to see if that was true and they told me the money will go to Sammie's Kids, a non-profit foundation set up by Sammie and Empire Ent. to pay inner city school kids for bringing home good grades.

May the better man win! :)

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This video is an example of what has some conservatives very nervous about Sen. Barack Obama being elected president.

Some in the media are already comparing the Obama Youth Junior Fraternity Regiment to the Black Panthers.

I can't say I blame the rednecks for getting alarmed. The youths march around in military uniforms saying things like "Obama takes on racist America!," and chanting "yes, we can" which, as you know is Obama's campaign slogan.

This video of the regiment going through their daily routine reportedly caused the suspension of a middle school teacher in Kansas City, Mo.

Well, I for one will be happy if this Obama Youth Fraternity thing takes off and involves youths in America's urban communities. It's time we take our youth back from BET and MTV and teach them to respect themselves again.

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Mariah's man slut Nick Cannon went for a test drive in a new fire engine red Ferrari yesterday. The paps snapped away as Nick pulled up to a bank's drive thru window. The blogs swear this Ferrari is his, but we know better. It belongs to the dealership. That's why Mr. Man is along for the ride in the passenger seat to make sure Nick doesn't get carried away and lose himself with their expensive toy.

Photo: Splash News Online

LL Cool J spent the day yesterday reading to pre-K kids at a school in New York City's east Village in an effort to promote literacy in America. The famed rapper broke his tough-guy image as he read to the kids from the book, "Corduroy" by Don Freeman. Awww, that's so sweet.

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Our favorite Fashion Icon Zoe Kravitz was spotted in the front row at Stella McCartney's PFW Spring Summer 2009 show yesterday in Paris. Zoe and other stars are in Paris to attend Fashion Week.

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Rapper Eve looked HAWT in her black cat suit last night at the 2008 VH1 Hip Hop Honors Award show held in NYC. We don't care that she doesn't have an album coming out. Just stay out of jail please.

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Actress Joy Bryant is so pretty. Unfortunately she smokes like a chimney which is a very unattractive habit. She will not age gracefully. But we LOVE her platform sandals with that abstract print dress! Joy is never afraid to try bold designs and we love it!

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British singer Estelles's new manager, Philana Williams (Ciara's ex-manager) is doing an excellent job marketing her. Estelle is literally everywhere! Here she strolls down the red carpet at last night's 2008 VH1 Hip Hop Honors in NYC.

Keyshia Cole performed at the Mansion Nightclub in NYC with Raheem Devaughn Wednesday night. It's easy to tell when she's in love because she looks so relaxed. Keyshia has stepped her style game up in a big way! We LOVE her cropped hair cut! The 3rd season of her popular reality series is being filmed now.


Jada Pinkett-Smith is surely battling with Keisha Whitaker for the title of Hollywood's Hottest Crackhead. In an earlier post I pointed out how Jada Pinkett looked terrible, like she was losing it - literally. But as usual, you guys dismissed me for the hater that I am.  Pic spotted at Drew Reports.

How's it hanging, Lola? That B*tch points out how video "model" Angel Lola Luv recently inspired some young boys to stay in school at a Back To School Jam in Albany, NY. The nurse in me can't help but notice how Lola's azz resembles a tumor growing out of her thigh that needs to be surgically extracted. I can't believe men find this look sexy, but whatever.

According to Brown Sista, Keyshia Cole was interviewed by Cathy Hughes’ in a TV One on One interview set to air Sunday, Sept. 21st at 10pm. The 26-year-old singer, songwriter and record producer talks with Ms. Hughes about her childhood, her future aspirations, her faith and what inspires her music in the revealing interview.

This message goes out to Keyshia's peoples who reached out to me a few days ago: I'm still waiting for that info you promised me. :)

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As Fresh of Crunk & Disorderly would say: this side eye from T.I. is very necessary, lol. First off, I'm not posting this photo to make fun of the kid. I think the kid is a cutie. I'm just trippin' over what he has on.

Apparently this style of dress is some new fad the kids are into. So parents: be prepared to spend extra dough on t-shirts for your kids to destroy by cutting the sleeves off and slitting the tee down the sides - all in the name of fashion.

The kid, whom loyal reader Divine Lavender refers to as "Snoop in a green frock," attends a radical school in Chicago where the emphasis is placed on educating black children at all costs as evidenced by the school's simple but powerful slogan: "Educate or Die".

There's a long back story to this photo which was sent to me by Divine Lavender. But if I repeat the back story, Divine Lavender might get disowned by her family.

According to Divine Lavender, T.I. was convinced to speak at the school by the teacher in the video posted below.


Let's suffice it to say that the lead teacher is a 70s Symbionese Liberation Army-type dude who screamed "EDUCATE OR DIE!" all during T.I.'s speech to the kiddies two weeks ago.

I'm told that while at the school, T.I. didn't have the security that he "wanted and needed". Nor did he get his required proof of community service letter from the school officials after he spoke to the kiddies.

I'm all for radical ideas that will help raise our children's abysmal nationwide test scores. But I don't know if I would like my Leroy attending a school where the overall message is to get good grades or die. :?

The other night, O'Reilly was ranting about a video taped inside a Memphis high school gym that he considered shocking.

After watching the video for myself, I must admit I am embarrassed and ashamed for our people. I had to stop the video after one minute. This is disgraceful and I don't blame O'Reilly one bit for being disgusted by this. We can't complain when they call us animals. We make it too easy.