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A viral video shows an illegal skimming overlay on a card reader at a 7-Eleven store on Shaw Avenue in Fresno, California.

The skimming device was discovered by Twitter user Joseph Harris who uploaded the video online. "Be careful, y'all," Harris says in the video as he lifts the illegal device from a card reader.

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A skimmer is designed to capture credit/debit card information and PIN numbers at bank ATMs, department stores, gas stations and convenience stores.

Sgt. Martin VanOverbeek with the Fresno Police Department's Financial Crimes Unit says some skimming devices "have the ability to store the info and connect via Bluetooth while parked outside to download the skimmed card info."

He said the skimming device at the 7-Eleven is "one of the more sophisticated overlay devices out there."

Once the criminals get your card and PIN numbers, they go on shopping sprees and drain your bank account.

The 7-Eleven employees told police they did not install the device over the card reader.

Sgt. VanOverbeek believes them:

"Despite some of the negative comments on the business/employees, it is highly unlikely they knew the device was present," he tells Fox26 News. "What has happened in the past is the clerk is distracted by another suspect asking to see something behind the counter or in the back of the store while the overlay is installed on a functional Point Of Sale (POS) device by a second suspect."

He said it only takes seconds to install the devices when employees aren't looking. Later, they return to the store to remove the device and collect the data on it.

Twitter users offered tips on how to detect a skimming device on a card reader. Some of the tips include tapping the device to see if it sounds like cheap plastic. And feel around the card reader for loose parts.

armed robbery
An armed security guard interrupted a robbery in progress at a New Jersey 7-Eleven. Two men entered a 7-Eleven in Hamilton, NJ on Thursday night. One of the men hopped the counter and produced what appeared to be a handgun. The armed thug robbed the cashier at gunpoint while the other thug hopped the counter and began to empty the cash drawer.

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Times are hard. But if you and your homegirl are planning to shoplift a certain Philadelphia 7-Eleven, pick a different location.

Two women accused of shoplifting a Philadelphia 7-Eleven found themselves locked inside the store by employees.

Cell phone video from outside the store shows the two women yelling at employees to let them out. One girl starts kicking the door and taking items off the shelves and throwing them at employees.


By the time a lone police officer arrived and confronted the women, one of them got a little jumpy and swung on the cop. She was immediately thrown into the display shelf and body slammed to the floor.

The other girl tried to intervene by hitting the officer. Meanwhile, her friend -- who must have been a wrestler in high school -- rolled the officer over and starts punching and kicking him. He punched her in the face to subdue her.

By that time, four more officers arrived and helped the rookie officer handcuff both women.

Neither woman was shot or Tazed -- a miracle in these days and times.

Powerball ticket

Three winners from Florida, Tennessee and California will share the record-breaking $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot -- the biggest jackpot in U.S. lottery history.

Lottery officials confirmed three tickets matched all six winning numbers -- 08, 27, 34, 04, 19, and the Powerball, 10.

The $1.6 billion jackpot will be chopped down to $930 million if the winners choose the lump sum option. From there the three winners will each take home a check for $187 million after taxes.

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Beyonce sipping a Slurpee

Are you thirsty?

Convenience store chain 7-Eleven is taking advantage of the free promotional bonanza from pop singer Beyonce. The 34-year-old mother-of-one posted a social media photo of herself sipping a giant Slurpee to promote her music video "7/11" off her upcoming Beyonce Platinum box set.

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7-Eleven stores raided

Nine owners of 7-Eleven stores in Long Island were arrested in a human smuggling scheme that exploited and abused illegal immigrants. The feds also plan to raid an additional 40 7-Eleven stores in NY and Virginia, The NY Times reports.

9 people -- 8 men and 1 woman -- were taken into custody in NY, and charged with wire fraud, identity theft and other charges. Among the arrested were alleged ring leader Farrukh Baig, left, and his wife, Bushra Baig.

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