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Morning Wood: Darryl Chambers

You sharp eyed ladies may remember Darryl Chambers as my December 2012 Morning Wood hunk. Since being featured in the pages of, Darryl has gone on to make his mark in modeling on and Instagram. But what he'd really like to do is model for T.I.'s clothing line AKOO. So I placed a call to my homie Mel over at AKOO but my calls went unanswered. I'll keep trying. But in the meantime, check out new photos from Darryl's portfolio!

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From Atlantic Records PR Guru Sydney Margetson:

Hey Sandra,

How are you? I just came across this pic you posted of Larry King carrying a "vintage LV bag." It's actually an AKOO bag that Tip gave to Larry as a gift after his interview on the show on Thursday. Within the bag he also gave him an AKOO sweater and a pair of jeans.