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An up-and-coming female rapper, a native of Memphis, was gunned down after she posed in Instagram photos with real cash.

Police say aspiring rapper Lotta Cash Desto was shot and killed during an armed robbery in Houston, Texas early Saturday.

Desto, real name Destinee Govan, was driving a Porsche SUV with a 20-year-old female passenger at around 2:30 a.m. when a 4-door sedan pulled alongside the SUV at a red light.

Police say two men hopped out of the car and exchanged gunfire with Govan, 25, who was shot multiple times and robbed. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The female passenger was transported to a local hospital with a single gunshot wound.

Police say officers found Christian Isaiah Williams, 24, in a nearby parking lot suffering from a gunshot wound to the abdomen. He was transported to a hospital, where he was charged with murder, according to Fox26 News. He remains hospitalized.

Police say evidence left at the crime scene linked Williams to the double shooting. The second gunman is still at large.

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Govan was known for her collaborations with mentor Lil Uzi Vert on her rap songs "Lunchroom" and "Vegas."

Govan often posed in Instagram photos with real cash and diamond jewelry - mimicking her male counterparts who routinely pose with prop money on social media.

Police issued a warning to aspiring rappers who mimic their famous counterparts on social media. Posing with real cash on Instagram can get you killed.

Criminals know the difference between real cash and pristine prop money purchased on Amazon or

Watch the video below.

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Safaree Samuels convinced a family court judge that he couldn't afford to pay Erica Mena more than $4,300 a month in child support.

Court documents obtained by TMZ show the judge ordered the aspiring rapper to pay Erica $4,305 a month in child support.

The 41-year-old "Burner" rapper married Erica in 2019. Erica filed for divorce in May 2021 after she confirmed he was cheating.

They share two minor children, a daughter named Safire and a boy named Legend.

She also has a 15-year-old son, King Conde, by ex Raul Conde.

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Erica was furious that Safaree cheated on her while she was pregnant with their second child.

In court papers, Erica said her marriage was "irretrievably broken," with "no hope for reconciliation."

She did not return the $500,000 that Safaree reportedly paid for her rings.

The "Love & Hip Hop" stars sold their $1.2 million marital pad near Atlanta in June, according to TMZ.

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Last month Safaree denied leaking a sexually explicit tape featuring his current girlfriend Kimbella Matos.

"I am taking full legal and criminal action," he tweeted. "The person who did that is going to pay. And I am not letting up either. Not letting this 1 slide. This is a cyber crime and I am pressing full charges!!"

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Rapper PNB Rock was fatally shot by an armed robber inside a Los Angeles Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles restaurant on Monday, Sept. 12.

The aspiring rapper was best known for his 2015 single "Fleek" and 2016 single "Selfish", which peaked at number 51 on Billboard.

The LAPD confirmed to Billboard magazine that a man was fatally shot at the restaurant on Main Street and Manchester Avenue around 1:15 p.m. PT.

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Rock, real name Rakim Hasheem Allen, was at the restaurant with his girlfriend, who posted his location in a now-deleted photo on Instagram.

A short while later, an armed robber approached Allen and attempted to rob him of his jewelry before shooting him.

Drill rapper King Yella posted graphic video of the aftermath of the fatal shooting on his YouTube channel.

Los Angeles police Capt. Kelly Muniz said the robber fled the fast food eatery after the shooting.

"He shot the victim and ran out the side door to a getaway car and then fled the parking lot," Muniz said.

Muniz said the 30-year-old rapper was targeted for his jewelry.

The Philadelphia native told Paper Magazine that he dropped out of high school to pursue a rap career. He said he was inspired to be a rapper after listening to Drake's album Take Care.

Allen's father was murdered when he was three years old. He is survived by two minor daughters.

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King Harris, son of rap mogul Tip "T.I." Harris, seems proud of himself after he was pulled over and briefly detained for a traffic violation.

According to the Internet, King, who is not living up to his name, was pulled over for driving without his paperwork.

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In a video post on Instagram, the teenager (pictured with T.I. in 2017) bragged:

"Yeah right. Ni**a got too much money. This is how a ni**a is supposed to be every day, but sh*t, I'm sorry that a MF [cop] caught me when I was, you know what I'm saying, on my way to vacation. I'm sorry. I'm sorry! I thought I was doing what a young ni**a was supposed to do. I didn't wanna be in there."

King never confirmed why he was pulled over, only that he was locked up on Wednesday night while he was on his way out of town.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The aspiring rapper embraced his mom Tameka "Tiny" Harris onstage during the 2022 Spring Music Fest in Atlanta on May 13.

King's followers dragged him for trying so hard to be a gangster.

"He probably feels so accomplished now," one person wrote. Another person wrote, "He's literally one of them kids that he growing up with a nice family, good life but wanna be hood so bad."

"He wanna show us 'he bout that life,'" a third person wrote.

Watch the video below.

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Aspiring rapper Quando Rondo, 23, is in a hospital fighting for his life, according to a post on his Instagram page.

Sources tell that Rondo is in acute kidney failure after drinking lean, a concoction of prescription codeine and hard candy mixed in a soft drink.

Someone updated Rondo's IG page with the message: "pray for me, in da hospital fightin for my life [sic]." The post ended with the hashtag #fuclean.

Quando has over 3.7 million followers on Instagram.

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Rondo was in a different kind of fight with Chicago drill rapper King Von in 2020 when Von was fatally shot by Rondo's brother Timothy Leeks, a.k.a. Lul Timm, outside a hookah lounge in Atlanta.

Leeks is out on bond awaiting trial.

Rondo has been a wanted man ever since Von's death. Rumor has it that there's a million dollar price tag on Leeks' and Rondo's heads.

Both Rondo's and Leeks' rap careers were derailed after the shooting. Rondo travels with a huge entourage to protect him from aspiring rappers and shooters trying to make a name for themselves by ending his life.

Rapper Lil Keed died from multiple organ failure after drinking lean in May. He was only 24.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

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Minutes before Tampa rapper Rollie Bands was shot and killed, he invited his killers to his home.

Bands sent a social media challenge to his killers on Instagram.

"A lot of these n***as [know] where I live at [for real]. I sleep in peace. If a ni**a want smoke I'm at my crib in 5 mins."

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The killers pulled up 5 minutes later and opened fire.

Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies responded to a 911 call of a man down at 3:30 p.m. Friday, July 22.

Deputies found the aspiring rapper laying face down in the parking lot of the IQ Apartments on Bruce B. Downs Boulevard.

Bands was suffering from a single gunshot wound and later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Police say the unknown assailants fled the scene before deputies arrived.

Twitter users reacted to another senseless murder of a young man in the prime of his life.

One user wrote: "Internet got the youth all messed up. They post, snap, tweet or Facebook every single move they make. Always looking for validation."

Another person wrote: "people that hate you pay more attention to you than those who love you. y’all gotta be careful over these apps. everything ain’t always a joke."

A third person tweeted: "So basically he got exactly what he asked for. Nothing to see here folks. Hope his family doesn't gotta throw a fish fry to bury him."

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An aspiring rapper who bragged about stealing pandemic benefits has agreed to plead guilty and will serve prison time.

According to the Department of Justice, 33-year-old Fontrell Antonio Baines, aka Nuke Bizzle, has agreed to a plea deal.

Baines, who is originally from Memphis, pled guilty to illegally obtaining COVID relief funds in 2020. He is accused of stealing more than $1.2 million in unemployment benefits preloaded on 92 debit cards from the Employment Development Department (EDD).

Federal authorities indicted Baines after he appeared in a music video for "EDD" flashing stacks of cash and bragging about defrauding the federal government.

"I just got rich off of EDD/ I just woke up to 300 Gs," Baines bragged. "Unemployment so sweet/ We had 1.5 land this week." Rapper Fat Wizza added: "You gotta sell cocaine, I can just file a claim."

The hip-hop artist was charged with access device fraud, aggravated identity theft, and interstate transportation of stolen property.

Prosecutors say the defendant and his associates exploited Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) provisions of the CARES Act.

He allegedly used the names of identify theft victims to obtain more than 90 pre-loaded debit cards. Those cards were reportedly mailed to Beverly Hills and Koreatown addresses that were linked to Baines.

Baines and his associates withdrew $704,000 in cash using the cards.

He also allegedly admitted to being a felon in possession of a firearm with 14 rounds of ammunition.

Baines agreed to plead guilty to one count of mail fraud and one count of unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition. He will also forfeit $56,000 in cash that was seized by federal agents.

Baines faces up to 20 years in prison for the fraud charges and 10 years for the weapons charges.

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Police have arrested a person of interest in the mass shooting at a 4th of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois on Monday.

At least 6 people are confirmed dead and over 2 dozen injured by gunfire in the Chicago suburb on Monday.

A 21-year-old man, who goes by the stage name "Awake the Rapper," was arrested Monday as a person of interest in the mass shooting.

The suspect opened fire with an assault rifle from the roof of a store. After the shooting he dropped the rifle at the scene. Within hours, police released his name along with a description of his vehicle and license plate.

The suspect, identified on as the "six foot Hip hop phenom," is best known for his 2016 rap track "By the Pond" featuring Atlas.

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Facebook, police

On Oct. 15, 2021 Awake the Rapper released a video titled "Are You Awake." The video includes drawings of a man aiming a rifle. The lyrics suggest he was planning a life-altering event that he had no power to stop.

"Like a sleepwalker, I am unable to stop and think," he says in the video.

"My actions will be valiant and my thought is unnecessary. I know what I have to do, I know what's in it, not only for me, but for everyone else.

"There is no past or future, just the now. It is more abstract than I can ever imagine. I can feel the atmosphere pushing me in. It's unstoppable, like a wave pulling me under, I can't breathe without it.

"I need to leave now, I need to just do it. It is my destiny, everything has led up to this," Crimo says. "Nothing can stop me, not even myself. Is there such thing as free will, or has this been planned out, like a cosmic recipe?"

The suspect is the son of Bob Crimo, owner of Bob's Pantry & Deli in Highland Park, according to his Facebook account. The father ran for Highland Park mayor in 2020 but lost.

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A track recorded by aspiring rapper Rissa Royce has been re-released following the shooting death of Atlanta rapper Trouble DTE, aka Skoob on Sunday. He was 34.

She raps on the track:

"Sacrifice your life you wanna touch it / B*tch I really came from nuthin / Now I'm hot straight out the oven / Double R won't beg for nuthin."

Rumors are swirling about what went down early Sunday morning in Rissa's Conyers, Georgia apartment.

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Sources close to the former stripper say Trouble was a "sneaky link" who Rissa was seeing on the low before she broke up with her ex-boyfriend, Jamichael Jones who punched her in the nose during an argument last week.

According to, "a sneaky link can be a sexual or non-sexual experience that nobody knows about. (It usually is a sexual experience)."

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Sources say Trouble was the reason behind the break up, and that Rissa sent Jones a text message telling him she was out of town and he should come over and get his belongings from the apartment they shared.

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Jones went to the apartment at 3 a.m. Sunday and let himself in with his key. He woke Rissa up by punching her in the face. Then, according to sources, Trouble jumped up and grabbed his gun. During the scuffle the gun discharged, striking Trouble in the chest. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jones, 33, surrendered to the police on Tuesday, after his mom put him on the phone with an investigator.

Prince Williams /

Meanwhile, Trouble was in a relationship with another woman, who has forgiven him for being at the apartment of an aspiring rapper/stripper.

"He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I'll never be mad at him for this. I'm hurt he didn't survive," she captioned a screenshot of a CBS reporter's tweet.

"The bond we had was one of a kind & I'll cherish the memories forever. What we had most people wouldn't understand & we never cared to explain. But anything worth havin at all is worth working for & waiting for & I promise it was worth the wait. The time we spent together was the best moments of my life."

Trouble also dated reality TV star Alexis Skyy and R&B singer Monica.

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Cardi B gave a shout out to aspiring rapper GloRilla after she got a new set of teeth for $24,000.

The Memphis native is best known for her viral hit single "F.N.F. (Let's Go)", which stands for "F*** Ni**a Free."

GloRilla shared photos and videos of her new dental work on Instagram. She captioned the post: "PLAY BODAK YELLOW BY @iamcardib S/O @doctor.q_ !!!!!!!"

Cardi B responded in the comments: "Looking GOOOD!!!!!!"

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After "F.N.F." went viral, Kodak Black hooked up with the rapper for a possible collab in the studio.

So far, Saweetie, City Girls, Cardi B, Moneybagg Yo, Saucy Santana, and more have shown love for GloRilla.

Check out the song below.

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Rapper 42 Dugg was arrested by federal agents in Detroit for failing to surrender to begin serving a 6 month prison sentence.

The pint sized rapper's stage name reportedly signifies the number of bodies he allegedly buried.

According to The Detroit News, Dugg was supposed to report to a West Virginia prison on April 12th, but he never showed up.

Dugg, whose real name is Dion Marquise Hayes, was sentenced to 6 months in prison following a conviction on a federal gun charge. He reportedly discharged a weapon inside a gun range in Atlanta in November 2019.

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Detroit PD

He was taken into custody in Detroit on Wednesday after he arrived on a private jet from Memphis, Tennessee.

"He got off the plane and they were waiting there to greet him," the rapper's attorney Steve Scharg told a reporter.

The feds may tack on an extra charge for absconding, which means he could be facing 5 years in prison.

Say goodbye to Mr. Dugg, kids. You won't be seeing him for a while.


Tiffany Haddish is off the market. The 'Girls Trip' actress is dating a 23-year-old aspiring rapper who calls himself Stallionaires Pooch. Tiffany caused a media frenzy as she was seen exiting the Laugh Factory with Pooch.

According to, the 42-year-old comedic actress confirmed she was on a date with the unknown rapper.


Tiffany Haddish and Stallionaires Pooch were also spotted arriving at Craig's in West Hollywood with a huge bodyguard by their side to keep the paparazzi at bay.

Stallionaires is just the latest in a string of boyfriends who strolled through Tiffany's revolving door.


According to MTO News, Pooch is a Los Angeles native who starred in the Zeus TV reality series "One Mo Chance."

Pooch was Tiffany's date at the Oscar Awards on March 27.

She broke up with rapper Common in November 2021 after dating for a year. Common blamed his busy schedule for the failed relationship.

Tiffany was reportedly upset about Common's statement. "I was disappointed,” she said on Fox Soul's "Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored with Jason Lee."

"I was very disappointed. I was like, 'Oh, OK. 'Cause that's not what you told me, but OK.'"

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Aspiring rapper Apple Watts is fighting for her life in a California hospital after her car collided with a diesel truck and she was ejected through a window.

The former stripper, who was born Jontelle Watts, was driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on Wednesday, March 23, when her Mercedes collided with a truck near Interstate 15 in Baker, California.

The black Mercedes flipped several times and burst into flames, according to TMZ. Watts, 36, was ejected through a window and suffered "life-threatening" injuries.

She was airlifted to a hospital where she is in a surgical intensive care unit with a broken spine and fractured skull, among other internal injuries.

The mom-of-three is best known as a cast member in the 5th and 6th seasons of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood.

She is also an aspiring rapper and former stripper who appeared in music videos for Chris Brown, Future Hendrix, Ty Dolla $ign, and YG.

In Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood, Watts opened up about her rough childhood and growing up in the foster care system in South Central Los Angeles. She never knew her father.

Watts started stripping at age 21. She complained that strip clubs in Hollywood were very biased towards Black strippers and they preferred to hire white or Mexican dancers.

Despite her many setbacks, Watts succeeded in a racist system that is set up for her to fail.

The reality star is a mother of two sons, Richard and Kali, and a daughter, Miyaki. She was involved in a romantic relationship with pro basketball player Ty Turtle.

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Watts allegedly conceived daughter Miyaki using donor sperm. She was reportedly in a relationship with a woman at the time.

A woman who claimed to be Watt's cousin on Facebook, wrote:

"I'm very saddened by the news of my cousin. You know family is the first real friends you have in life... Cousin I'm praying for you!! I'm praying God keeps your sons covered."

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YouTube / WREG

Young Dolph's alleged killer Justin Johnson says he is indigent and cannot afford to hire an attorney to represent him in court.

Johnson and co-defendant Cornelius Smith (below left) are charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Memphis rap legend Young Dolph in November.

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YouTube / WREG

In a previous court appearance, Johnson and Smith said they were "working on" hiring attorneys to represent them in court (watch video below).
RELATED: Young Dolph’s Suspected Killer Justin Johnson Arrested In Indiana
Johnson, a 23-year-old aspiring rapper, flashed large amounts of cash in rap videos and on Instagram.

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He was back in court on Monday, February 7, to face a charge of violating a sex offender registration order. Johnson was charged with aggravated rape in 2015, according to court records.

Johnson explained to the judge that he is broke and unable to afford an attorney. General Sessions Judge Karen L. Massey appointed a public defender to represent him on the sex offender charge. However, he is still without an attorney for the murder case.

Johnson faces individual charges of first-degree murder, criminal attempted first-degree murder, unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon, employ of a firearm with intent to commit a felony and theft of property $10,000-$60,000, court records show.

The charges carry a maximum sentence of life (60 years) in prison if convicted. Johnson is required to serve a minimum of 85% of his prison sentence if convicted.

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Instagram, NYPD

A 16-year-old rapper who shot and wounded an NYPD cop and posted bond using record deal money is back in jail for violating the terms of his probation.

New York City residents are breathing a sigh of relief now that Camrin Williams is back in custody.

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Williams, who goes by the rap name C Blu, was arrested Jan. 18 after allegedly shooting and wounding a cop during a scuffle in the Bronx.
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The aspiring rapper was also wounded by the same bullet that struck the officer. They were treated and released from a hospital.

The teenager was booked into the Crossroads Juvenile Center in Brooklyn after he was released from the hospital.

NYPD officials expressed outrage after a liberal judge set Williams' bond at $250,000.

Williams allegedly used advance money from his recording deal with Interscope Records to pay the $250,000 bond.

At the time, his attorney Dawn Florio said, "Camrin has been released and will be back to his regular productive life of focusing on schoolwork and his music career.

However, Williams was back at the Crossroads Juvenile Center in Brooklyn on Thursday after violating his probation from a 2020 gun possession case.

"We're glad that a cop-shooter is back off the street, but this revolving door for a repeat gun offender makes no sense whatsoever," Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch said.

He added: "It should be clear to every New Yorker that our justice system is broken in many places. Our lawmakers need to prioritize fixing it above everything else."