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Law enforcement officials in Memphis, Tennessee are still waiting for the suspected killer of Young Dolph to turn himself in.

Young Dolph, real name Adolph Thornton, was gunned down by two men inside a Tennessee bakery on November 17.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations and U.S. Marshals Service named Justin Johnson as one of the killers.

Johnson, 23, promised to turn himself in to police on Monday, Jan. 10, but instead, he dropped a music video showcasing his mumble rapping skills.
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The Memphis Police Department and U.S. Marshals are still on a nationwide manhunt for the aspiring rapper, who calls himself "Straight Drop." It is reported that officials viewed his music video for clues to his whereabouts.

The home where the music video was filmed is the same location where the getaway vehicle, a white Mercedes Benz was found abandoned.

According to Fox13 Memphis, an attorney representing Johnson said he was unaware of the rapper's plan to turn himself in.

Johnson posted on his Instagram story last week:

"Turning Myself In Monday @ 201. I'm Innocent. I'll Be Back Sooner Than You Can Blink." He also had a message for bloggers: "Next time post the REAL .. BS blogs."

Johnson is wanted on charges of First-Degree murder, Criminal Attempt-First Degree Murder, and Theft of Property valued between $10,000-$60,000.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Marshals Service, and Crime Stoppers have offered a reward of $15,000 for tips leading to Johnson's capture.

Watch the music video below.

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Justin Johnson, the 23-year-old suspect in Young Dolph's murder, is an aspiring rapper seen partying with Dolph in photos.

According to DJ Vlad, the photo "reveals a possible deeper connection that could answer more questions about the circumstances surrounding Dolph's tragic and untimely demise."
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Johnson is an aspiring Memphis rapper who called himself "Straight Droppp." His Instagram page @straightdroppp features photos of him flaunting cash, expensive cars, and designer clothing.

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Instagram users suggested the money and cars were payoff for the hit on the famous rapper.

Vlad wrote:

"To add insult to injury, Johnson is seen wearing a Paper Route Entertainment charm on his belt in a picture taken just before Dolph's murder. Many are suggesting he got the charm after a previous run-in with Dolph and his crew before the shooting."

Instagram sleuths identified Johnson as one of Dolph's killers in the days after the murder.

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Florida rapper J $tash reportedly shot a mother-of-three in front of her children before taking his own life.

According to KTLA-TV, the aspiring rapper, real name Justin Joseph, fatally shot 27-year-old Jeanette Gallegos in front of her three children following an argument.

Officers from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office responded to a domestic violence call from a residence early Saturday morning. They arrived at the residence in Temple City, outside of LA, where they discovered the bodies.

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Gallegos was shot multiple times and pronounced dead. Joseph died from a single gunshot to the head. Police say he moved from New York and was staying at the home with Gallegos and her sons for two months. Police say he is not the father of the boys, ages 5, 7 and 11.

"Right now, the evidence at the scene and the preliminary information we have from the children in the home is that it's a murder-suicide," said Lt. Derrick Alfred.

The three boys were removed from the home and placed with family members. A firearm was recovered at the scene.

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Joseph is best known as an associate of rapper Rich the Kid who signed him to his Rich Forever record label.

In an interview with Crack magazine, Joseph described rapper Lil Wayne as his mentor.

"I learned a lot from being around that crowd," he said, "the most important thing being to always be professional and always have a lawyer. That's all I can say."

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Gwinnett County PD

U.S. Marshals arrested a murder suspect among the holiday travelers at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Police and U.S. Marshals arrested James Thomas as he exited a plane at the airport. He was transferred to the Gwinnett County Jail.
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The suspect was wanted in the murder of aspiring rapper Chucky Trill from Houston, Texas. Police say Thomas opened fire on Trill's car along I-85 near Jimmy Carter Boulevard around 3 a.m. on March 5. Passengers in the car were uninjured.

Thomas faces charges of malice murder and four counts of aggravated assault, WSB-TV reports.

Trill, real name Corey Detiege, 33, died at a local hospital.

The rapper, best known for his rap single "Keisha," had just arrived in Atlanta the day before he was killed. He was scheduled to perform during NBA All-Star weekend, his manager told 11Alive News.

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FYI: This post contains disturbing allegations about the sexual assault of a minor child. No one has been charged, and the accused is considered innocent until proven guilty.
A Florida woman claims her ex-boyfriend, Doodie Lo, sexually assaulted her 5-year-old son for a month before the child told her what happened.

FTN Bae, a former stripper, shared the disturbing details in graphic posts on social media. She also shared audio of her son crying and explaining what allegedly happened to him.

FTN Bae captioned the audio clip:

"What your hearing is my 5-year-old son Wesley cry to me about what my ex-boyfriend @otf_doodielo (david) did to him [sic]."

She said she reported the incident to the Broward County Sheriff's Office, and an investigation is currently under way.

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The aspiring rapper has lawyered up and is denying the allegations.

FTN Bae captioned the post:

"For the last 2 months my son was pooping in his pants it was so bad i had to put diapers back on him," she continued. "October 1st my son finally told me what had happened to him. i'm thankful to God because a lot of kids DONT speak up because they were scared just like my son. I have been dealing with this for almost a month and its been the hardest thing I HAVE EVER HAD TO DO IN MY LIFE & I WILL NOT remain quit for one more second."

She added:

"August 6th i had a show in Orlando & @otf_doodielo was at my house along with my roommate and my son and his 3 year old cousin. Once i left this SICK man welted 3 screws (that he found in my toolbox) and shoved them up my sons anus. Scared and afraid my son hid the screws outside so he 'couldn’t find it & do it again' and never told me about it. He was trying to be sooo tough that he dealt with this for 2 months and it clearly was AFFECTING him. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS i would think this would be my story ('my boyfriend sexually assaulting my son') My son and my life will never be the same. This is not a sympathy post or a clout post this is simply me a heartbroken mother WHO IS DOING EVERYTHING i can do for justice for MY SON ! While i'm patiently waiting for the police to complete there investigation I NEEDED to speak up and expose this SICK MAN to warn other females with kids and maybe other girls who dealt with him should talk to there kids. This couldn’t have been his first time but he picked the right family to f**k with. You just never know who people really are & what there capable of. Stay blessed."

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The audio below is very disturbing. Discretion is advised.


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A woman and her boyfriend, who were not wearing face masks, were asked to leave the Texas State fairgrounds because she was dressed inappropriately.

A witness tells exclusively that the woman and her boyfriend, who are both aspiring rappers, were approached by an official at the state fair.

The witness said the official told the woman she was dressed inappropriately for the family-oriented event that was packed with children.

She was reportedly asked to leave, and she complied without incident.

Apparently, the official had received numerous complaints about her attire.

The woman, unidentified on social media as aspiring rapper "Asian Doll", wore a pair of revealing cutoff shorts and a cropped top.

Her boyfriend, identified as aspiring rapper "Jackboy," wore a green shirt and white jogging pants.

Video shared by The Neighborhood Talk Instagram blog shows the couple walking hand-in-hand at the fair.

The Texas State Fair is an annual event held in Dallas. The fair kicked off on September 24, and runs through Sunday, October 17, according to the official website.

Instagram officials agreed with the official.

One IG user wrote:

"Who dress like this at a fair knowing kids are there ! Is this the fair or the freak party ? shorts all up her behind !"


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Parents are outraged after rapper T.I.'s 17-year-old son, King, shared a video featuring strippers at his birthday bash on his Instagram Story.

King is the son of rapper Tip "T.I." Harris, 40, and Xscape singer Tameka "Tiny" Harris, 45.

King, who has over 720K followers on Instagram, was featured on T.I. and Tiny's now-canceled reality TV series.

The aspiring rapper who goes by the stage name "Kid Saiyan" turned 17 on August 25. To celebrate, the youngster smoked marijuana while filming nude, gyrating strippers on his cell phone. The floor is littered with dollar bills.

The video is still live on Instagram despite the fact that he is underage and most of his followers are minors.

Parents complained that King exposed their children to adult situations by sharing the inappropriate video on his feed.

Parents say they have contacted child protective services to report the child smoking marijuana while nude strippers dance.

Prince Williams/

Many parents asked where are his parents, while others noted that King is his father's son.

Question: Would you allow your 17-year-old son to smoke weed and hire nude women to dance for him?

CAUTION: Video contains nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Miami PD

Former Love & Hip-Hop: Miami has been arrested on domestic violence and kidnapping charges.

Christopher Michael Harty, aka Prince, was taken into custody on Wednesday, Aug. 11, in Miami, Florida The Sun reports.

In addition to domestic violence charges, Prince, 31, faces charges of kidnapping and battery. He was also charged with less-serious offenses, including possession of drugs without a prescription and disorderly conduct.

Prince Williams/WireImage

Prince was among the original cast of Love & Hip Hop: Miami when the series premiered in 2018, but he was edited out of the third season. He has not been confirmed to return for the delayed fourth season.

Prince has continued releasing music since being booted from the series, and he released his most recent single in June.

Before falling afoul of the law, Prince was due to appear at a press conference on Wednesday night to promote his Celebrity Boxing match against TikTok star HolyGod, which is scheduled for October 2, but he was a no show.

In May, TMZ reported that Prince was involved in a physical altercation with rapper Tory Lanez, the same star who was charged with felony assault after he allegedly shot Megan Thee Stallion in the foot last summer.

The self-proclaimed "Fresh Prince of South Beach" was born and raised in South Miami to Jamaican parents.

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Aspiring rapper Dess Dior has tested positive for COVID-19, just days after performing at the Rolling Loud music festival in Miami, Florida on July 23.

The 22-year-old, real name Destiny Bailey, was among the hip-hop artists performing at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium as part of the three-day weekend.

The "Stop Playin'" rapper told her fans on Twitter on Sunday: "I'm sick af (as f--k) in soooooo much pain rn (right now)."

Dior, who had performed on Saturday, later added: "??I don't think I have Covid but ima get tested to be safe."

Prince Williams/Wireimage

On Monday, Dior returned to Twitter to update her fans and to urge boyfriend, rapper Future, and other friends to get tested.

"Update: I tested positive for Covid. Everybody who's been in contact with me should go get tested asap," she added.

It's unclear whether Dior received mRNA vaccinations ahead of her Rolling Loud performance, or if she had been required to take a Covid test before taking to the stage.

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Rapper Benzino's daughter, aspiring rapper Coi Leray (left) came out as a lesbian on Instagram in time to join Gay Pride Month festivities.

Coi came out with her lover, rapper Pressa, in a video she shared on her Instagram Story.

Coi Leray is best known for an embarrassing viral video that showed a crowd in stunned silence as they watched her perform at the Toyota Center in Houston on Saturday, May 29.

Nicki Minaj and other rappers showed support for the 24-year-old rapper who was devastated when the video went viral.

The comments were brutal, with many social media users suggesting Coi should find another line of work.

Coi tweeted:

"The love use to outweigh the hate but now the hate outweigh the love and it's slowing destroying me. Y'all haters are in my life for a reason, we gon have to just deal with each other. In with whatever smoke."

Nicki came to the young lady's defense, writing:

"Don't do that. Chin up. Always remember this, when black ppl not fkn w|you #TheyWillBoo. Those ppl were on their feet. That means they may not have known the song, but they were interested in getting to know more— so they were observing u. Charge it to the game & move on."

The grateful rapper responded:

"Thank you so much for this. This means everything and more to me. Wow. I'm speechless. You just gave me so much more hope. Thank you again."