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A TikTok video posted by an NFL wife is going viral due to its submissive content -- considered a controversial topic in the Black community.

Chanen Raygoza, wife of New Orleans Saints wide receiver Juwan Johnson, shared a video that shows a routine day in the life of an NFL wife.

She rises at 6 a.m. very morning to make breakfast for her man. She pours sugar and syrup on his eggs because he has a sweet tooth. Then she gets busy making the bed, cleaning the shower and picking his clothes up off the floor. She also stops by the salon for eyelashes extensions "so I look pleasing to him."

Naturally, the comments section is in shambles. American women are highly critical of submissive a wife who knows her lane.

One Instagram user wrote: "these are jokes right. I keep seeing tiktoks about these white women being slaves to these black men lol."

Another IG user wrote: "she sounds like an indentured servant but no nothing is wrong with taking care of your husband and home but."

And a third wrote: "This is slavery."


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