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Zonnique Pullins is just like you: she often pays her bills late and nearly ruined her good credit.

The daughter of Xscape singer Tameka "Tiny" Harris and stepdaughter to rapper T.I. Harris, confessed she regularly misses mortgage payments and utility bills.

"My lights ain't never been off but my water has," she told viewers on Instagram Live.

The 25-year-old host of "The Mix" on FOX SOUL has tried her hand at singing and starring on reality TV shows. But her most important role to date is mom to her daughter with aspiring rapper Bandhunta Izzy, 24.

In her Instagram Live, Zonnique shared that she's bad at adulting, after missing several mortgage payments and nearly ruining her credit.

"Yup, I be missing the bills. Yup, yup," she said, while playing with her hair extensions.

"I'm very much normal. I don't... I suck at being an adult. I'm tired of this sh... Nah for real. I really could tell y'all some real - for real. But I don't even want to embarrass myself."

Zonnique said she thought her mortgage payment was on auto-pay.

"Yes, baby, auto-pay for the mortgage. Because I'm not about to be [homeless]. I can't. I can't. I got a child now."

Watch the video below.

Photo may have been deleted


Kevin, aka BandmanKevo, is a self-made millionaire who shares his secrets to success on his YouTube channel.

Of course, with any advice that you find on the Internet, you should proceed carefully. Free credit advice is usually never free. There's always a catch.

In this video, Kevin shares tips on how to raise your credit score quickly and legally.

Your credit score increases if you utilize less than 10% of your credit limit. Meaning, if you have a credit card with a $20,000 limit, you should only spend $2,000. Banks look at everything. They look at how much credit you have and how you utilize it.

If you spend over $2,000 of your $20,000 credit limit on one card, the bank thinks you need the money. As dumb as it sounds, bankers don't lend money if they think you need it.

Check out Kevin's video.

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