K Michelle, Chase Bowman

There’s an old saying that goes: “the way to wealth is through land ownership.” Land ownership is a sign of wealth and a status symbol of personal empowerment in America. Singer K. Michelle took her son to a bank to open an account and buy land that will increase in value later.

The R&B singer, real name Kimberly Michelle Pate, posted a video on her Instagram page that showed Chase signing bank paperwork to open his own savings account.

The 36-year-old Tennessee native captioned the video:

“Starting off my new year opening up Chase’s bank account and buying him land. LAND is what our ancestors fought for we have to buy more land and less chains and shit. He is the only thing I’ve worked hard for is HIM and my family. The perfect way to start 2019.”

Teaching children about credit, finances and home ownership is a tradition that Black parents fail to do.

Most Black children have bad credit by the time they reach high school because their parents forged their names on credit applications and ruined their credit.

K. Michelle knows the value of home ownership. She was recently in the news for allegedly vandalizing a rental home and defaulting on the $10,000 a month rent.

Kudos to Michelle for teaching her son about the value of land ownership and economic prosperity.

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