Magician David Blaine is one of the biggest con artists in America. Every so often he comes up with a daring publicity stunt and suckers the media into publicizing it.

I never pay any attention to his stunts because they are always medically impossible. His stunts are pulled off using smoke and mirrors trickery. They're not even good stunts.

You would think by now the media would know better?

David Blaine is not really hanging upside down for 60 hours, according to's eyewitness who photographed the magician standing right-side up Tuesday.

The revelation would seem to deflate Blaine's latest stunt, but a representative for the 35-year-old magician said he never intended to stay upside down for 60 consecutive hours.

"About once an hour he has to come down for a medical check, to stretch, and to relieve himself, because even David Blaine can't do that upside down," said Patrick Smith, an executive vice president at Rubenstein Associates. "He has said all along that there will be times when he must get his head above his heart."

Smith continued, "The doctors told him if he doesn't do that, he will die."

So what was the point of all this then? Or am I just missing the point?