Carmelo Anthony

NBA NY Knicks star Carmelo Anthony was spotted outside the Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC where the 'Late Show with David Letterman' is taped. 'Melo rocked a pair of Air Jordan Retro 1 Trek Boots which he paired with grey Air Jordan flight jacket and training pants. The rugged, durable, fashion forward boot features synthetic, suede and mesh upper on a sturdy rubber outsole. The boot retails for $114.99.
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Yesterday, David Letterman swallowed his foolish pride and confided to his studio audience that he cheated with more than one of his female staffers over the years. This is a good time to mention that Dave married his girlfriend of 23 years earlier this year.

This is more proof that men are cheating dogs by nature - and the workplace is the perfect environment for them to get a leg up. They don't put "no fraternization" rules in employee contracts for nothing. 60% of men who cheat do so with a co-worker.

I've said it before, all a man needs is time and opportunity, and a small space to stand up in (like a supply closet). The workplace can be as sordid as a brothel at times. Any woman who thinks her man won't cheat with the voluptuous single secretary is crazy.

A "48 Hours" producer was arrested yesterday for attempting to extort Letterman out of $2 million to conceal his cheating ways.