Sean "Puffy" Combs was one of the notable music industry veterans who didn't bother to visit rapper T.I. when he was locked up inside a federal prison last year. I hear T.I. took notes on who didn't stop by -- those notes includes everyone except for rapper Nelly who drove his tour bus to Arkansas to visit the rubber band man.

So it's interesting to see that T.I. agreed to appear on this Dirty Money track and in the video. These chicks are extremely boring to me. I still don't understand why Sean signed them. He should really give up the music thing and focus on his other ventures.

Note: Out of respect to fashion blogger Sarah Chapman (who is one of the nicest people walking this earth) and her beautiful daughter Chance, I will only write nice things about Sean Combs from now on. If you want to read negativity about Sean, you'll have to get your fill somewhere else.

Dancer-turned-producer-turned-rapper-turned clothing magnate Sean "Diddy" Combs is set to follow in the footsteps of Tommy Hilfiger.

Yesterday, Combs and Macy's announced a "transformative" deal similar to the one signed by Hilfiger in 2007, according to Women's Wear Daily magazine.

That means even more loot in the already deep pockets of a man who can buy you and me a thousand times over.

Beginning with the Spring 2011 season, Sean John Sportswear will be sold only in Macy's stores, and online at as well as the Sean John flagship store on Fifth Avenue in NYC.

The first exclusive Sean John product will hit 400 Macy's stores beginning this year in early October. In the coming years, the product will be rolled out to over 850 Macy's stores nationwide. I didn't even know Macy's had 800 stores.

But is this really such a big deal? Isn't the Sean John line already sold exclusively in Macy's stores? I don't recall seeing the line sold anywhere else but Macy's.

I will give Sean credit for sustaining a wildly successful brand in this troubled economy where others, such as Dallas Austin's Rowdy clothing line, have failed miserably.

Sean Combs' Sean John label is defined by its contemporary masculinity combined with class that appeals to Hip Hop heads as well as the moneyed Hamptons crowd.

I like rapper Trina (really I do), but this look of hers is a major FAIL. I have so many questions, I hardly know where to begin. What is she wearing? What is that on her head? Are those polka dot Flash Dance tube socks? Who is her stylist? And finally, does she thinks she looks sexy with all that failure going on?

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NBA Cleveland Cavs star LeBron James and Nike hosted a celebrity basketball game at Hollywood & Highland Courtyard in Hollywood over the weekend.

Sean Combs and his kids Quincy Brown, left, and Christian Combs

Comedian/actor Chris Tucker attended the celebrity basketball game with his son.

Singer Chris Brown took time off from doing hard labor in Virgina to attend the event

Director Benny Boom brought his kids out. Don't believe the rumors that Boom is the biological father of Jay Z's illegitimate son. Those rumors are false.

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Here's music mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs wearing the Dirty Couture/slashed jeans style to an afterparty in NYC on Sunday. You know a certain style is played out when Sean Combs starts rockin' it. No one kills a fashion trend faster than he can. It's hard to believe this dude owns a popular clothing line the way he dresses. A 10-year-old kid dresses better than this.

By the way, I agree with Diddy who told NY's Hot 97 that the cop who disrespected him was in plain clothes. But the NYPD told that was not true. Well, pictures don't lie.


Not to be outdone by Kanye West's immature antics on the VMA's, that other attention whore, Sean Combs, went berserk on a traffic cop outside a NYC venue. The cop asked Sean Combs to move along because the sidewalk was getting a little crowded. Sean barked back, "Hey, yo! Lower your f*cking voice when you talk to me! I'm a MAN just like you."

The cop responded, "I don't give a f*ck who you are!" The two men traded epithets in the middle of the crowded street, but no arrests were made and no punches thrown (too bad). Anyway, click the video to see the rest of the story.

Is Carmelo Anthony a rapper now? Last night As the America's Most Wanted Tour stopped in Denver, Co. Young Jeezy brought out NBA Superstar Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets, who performed during Jeezy's set. No word on whether Melo is good enough to get signed. But given the current sorry state of Hip Hop, it probably wouldn't hurt to sign the NBA forward to a deal.

One word of advice to Melo and other wannabe rappers: don't be idiots like Bow Wow and Omarion and sign to an active artist's label. That artist is only looking out for #1 and you will never be their top priority!

Just ask Omarion, who found himself without a label home when Lil Wayne dropped him in order to make room on the roster for Bow Wow, who will be kicked to the curb to make room for some other rapper in the near future.

Lil Wayne is only looking to fill his roster with "name" artists to attract investors to his other business ventures, just like Sean Combs does with his "name" artists on his lame Bad Boy Records. If a record does get put out you can be sure it will flop because there won't be any marketing push behind it.

Stop letting these morons use you, kids!

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Making The Band alumni Sara Stokes was arrested last weekend for pulling a KeKe Wyatt stunt and stabbing her husband Tony -- in front of their 3 kids!

According to, Stokes and her husband Tony were arguing in their Morena Valley, CA. home on August 2, when somehow Sara "tripped" and fell, hitting her head on the ground. The details are murky about what happened next. What we do know is Sara got hold of a knife and stabbed Tony in the arm. Police and paramedics were called to the scene and Sara was placed in handcuffs despite the fact that her face looked a bloody and bruised mess in her booking photo (above).

The Stokes' lawyer seemed to be saying, 'this is just another day in the Stokes' household,' when he told TMZ that: "Sara and Tony have a very passionate and loving relationship that on August 2, while having an evening of fun, she slipped and fell, hitting her head heavily on the ground and somehow in the process of helping her Tony got injured."

That doesn't sound like "fun" to me. Why does "passion" in the black community always translate to violence? We have to do better.


According to witnesses, music mogul Sean combs brawled in the street with a paparazzi after screaming, "WHAT U SAY ABOUT MY MAMA?!"

OK, I'm just kidding! Sean was actually filming a fight scene in his new movie "Take Me To the Greek" currently lensing in Las Vegas. The scene looks believable because Sean, aka Diddy, has plenty of practice punching out innocent bystanders.

No one on the corner has swagger like Puff. After the fight scene, a calm and collected Diddy strolled off without a scratch on him