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Nightly fireworks and loud explosions have kept many residents awake until early morning hours around the country.

Residents have taken to Twitter.com to complain about the nightly fireworks displays that continue nightly since May.

"It's always like 9, 10 p.m., and at first we didn't know what it was," said Marquita Spraggans. Many thought the loud sounds were protesters blowing up ATM machines.

Philadelphia residents aren't the only ones losing sleep over the loud booms that sometimes shake their houses.

"We've been hearing them every night in San Francisco," tweeted @nina_lacour.

According to NBC New York, nightly fireworks are a nuisance that start at sundown and continue into the early morning.

The fireworks are set off on street corners and rooftops. The city's noise complaint hotline fielded 1,700 fireworks complaints through the first half of June, including 455 complaints just on Sunday.

Twitter users all over the country complain about the mysterious fireworks displays. Residents are determined to find out the source of the fireworks that awaken their children and frighten their dogs.

A massive fire broke out at a luxury hotel and residence in downtown Dubai as New Year's Eve revelers watched a fireworks display several blocks away.

14 people were treated for minor injuries. The entire building was evacuated quickly. The source of the Dubai hotel fire is unknown.

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Jean Pierre-Paul

NY Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul returned to team practice on Thursday after losing fingers on his right hand in a freak 4th of July accident.

Pierre-Paul, 28, went into hiding for months after fireworks blew off his right index finger and parts of his right thumb and middle finger of his right hand.

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E Class Drake and Timbaland

Canadian rapper Drake hosted a star-studded Halloween bash at STORY Nightclub on Miami Beach last night. Celebrity photographer Thad of Exclusiveaccess.net was there to capture all the excitement. Drake, center, is pictured above with E Class, left, and music producer Timbaland.

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