Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson rescues a little girl's pet cat in this new advertisement promoting the health benefits of drinking milk. The ad copy reads: "Protein to save the day. 8 grams in every 8 oz glass. got milk?" it has just been announced that Johnson, 41, will star in a new reality TV series, in which he lends a helping hand to everyday people who are facing enormous challenges in their lives. Johnson recently faced a challenge of his own when he went under the knife to repair a hernia he suffered from lifting heavy weights. Most weight lifters who suffer a similar injury often resort to taking steroids to bulk up. Image is everything to them.

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  • Photo: Splash News/Got Milk?

    Singer Kelly Rowland recently posed for Britain's version of the 'Got Milk' campaign to raise awareness about the healthy benefits of drinking milk.

    The new posters featuring Kelly wearing the famous milk moustache on her upper lip will be splashed across buses in Britain, according to the Daily Mail.

    "I really believe that looking after your body makes you feel good on the inside and happy on the outside," said Rowland, 30.
    "When I'm feeling fit, I also feel confident and comfortable in my own skin."

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    Rihanna Tops the Charts with Milk

    Chart topping singing sensation and Grammy nominee Rihanna knows how to wow crowds with her incredible voice and presence. She also knows that in order to keep up with her busy performance schedule she needs to stay in top shape. That’s why she includes milk in her daily diet along with exercise to help her stay fit and healthy.

    Rihanna is the latest celeb to join the ‘Body by Milk' campaign created to encourage teens to drink 3 glasses of lowfat or fat free milk everyday, and eat right to stay lean and healthy. Other celebs modeling the famous 'stache in the campaign include Amanda Bynes, Hayden Panettiere, Beyoncé Knowles, and the cast of High School Musical 2.

    The ad copy reads, "Drink it in. Pop star? Not exactly. Milk is more my move. Some studies suggest that teens who choose milk instead of sugary drinks tend to be leaner and the protein helps build muscle. So shut up and drink." The ad debuts on February 5, 2008 in Teen Vogue.

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