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Happy Mother's Day to mothers, grandmothers, and stepmothers on your special day. We Love you and Honor you.

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We celebrate the mother and grandmothers who are no longer with us. Thank you for inspiring us, giving us strength and putting us on the right path to success in life. You are our pillar of strength. You will always remain in our hearts.

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For those of you who aren't moms but you opened your hearts and homes to children of another mother, we salute you and praise you.

Bee Empowered, Inc. sent this special Mother's Day Prayer for you! Enjoy your special day!

Dear Lord, Bless every mother, grandmother and mother figure with the finest of your spiritual blessings today. Confirm in her heart and spirit the work of her hands and the love that she has so freely given to those children under your care. Validate her worth daily so she has no reason to doubt whether she is loved, valued, and cherished.Your love, and the seeds you have shown go unnoticed! You are loved and so truly appreciated!Happy Mother's Day!



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Rep. Thomas Massie drew criticism when he shared a pro-gun holiday photo of his family on social media over the weekend.

The photo shows Massie and his family holding rifles in front of a Christmas tree, just days after a teenager killed four students during a shooting rampage in Michigan.

The Republican U.S. representative from Kentucky captioned the image: "Merry Christmas!, ps. Santa, please bring ammo."

The photo outraged Michigan and Montana residents who are still in shock in the aftermath of mass shootings recently.

One Twitter user referenced the photo as an example of white privilege.

"It's funny how the existence of this photo won't ever interfere with these kids lives moving through the world because this is viewed as "American" but if this was a black family, this photo would be used to deny them access to anything good in life."

Another person tweeted: "So true, i can't even believe this photo. Especially after the Shooting in Montana recently smh #raiseyourchildrenbetter."

And a third Twitter user wrote: "Grossly insensitive and unnecessary! A photo like this should end any politicians career."

But others cautioned Twitter users to stop making everything about race.

One person tweeted: "Turning every issue into race diminishes your cause."

While another wrote: "Welcome to America where everything is about race but let’s act like it isn’t so it doesn't diminished the cause."

And a third person Photoshopped a Christmas photo using the mugshots of Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley and his parents.

Wade holiday card

Wade holiday card

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's holiday card sparked a backlash on on New Year's Day. The Miami Vice-themed holiday card shows the power couple posing with their infant daughter Kaavia James, wade's sons Zaire, 15, and Zion, 11, his nephew Dahveon Morris, 16, and the family's 5 dogs.

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