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Sage Steele went viral over the weekend for comments she made about Barack Obama's father.

The ESPN anchor made the remarks on Jay Cutler's podcast.

The mixed-race ESPN host said Obama choosing "Black" on the census was "fascinating" since "his Black dad was nowhere to be found" and he was raised by his white mother and grandmother.

Steele, 48, also touched on the controversial statement she made about Disney enforcing the vaccine mandate at ESPN.

Steele previously slammed Disney's "sick" and "scary" vaccine mandate.

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Steele also said she respects Black conservative activist Candace Owens after Cutler called her the "Candace Owens of ESPN".

"I respect the hell out of Candace Owens," Steele said, "because, whether you agree or not, she doesn't give a crap what you think."

Steele said the worst racism she ever experienced was from Black people.

Steele, a single mother-of-three, is paying alimony to ex-husband Jonathan Bailey whom she divorced in 2019.

Watch the full interview below.