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Foreigners continue to insult the King family as the nation celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birth.

African comedian Michael Blackson (left) sparked outrage on social media when he posted an inappropriate question that suggested Dr. King cheated on his wife, the late Coretta Scott King.

Blackson, who is from Ghana, tweeted:

"I don't mean to start no sheet but I heard that Martin Luther King had a white side chick. Is it true. I'm just a beechn***a from a little village so please let me know [sic]."

He added:

"I guess the best way to get even with the white man was to F a white woman. My neega MLK [sic]."

The public backlash was fierce. Among the outraged social media users was fellow comedian Katt Williams who referred to Blackson's inquiry as a "coon question."

Photo may have been deleted


Blackson's insult comes on the heels of Rihanna's disrespectful Twitter banner that depicts Dr. King wearing a gold grill.

Blackson, 49, is best known for his roles in the comedy films Are We There Yet? and Next Friday.

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