Love & Hip Hop NY

I watched bits and pieces of Love & Hip Hop NY in between watching the Golden State Warriors utterly destroy the Philadelphia 76ers last night. The most interesting character on season 4 is NY stripper-turned-rapper" Nya Lee, left. We all know she isn't a rapper, but anything goes in the world of scripted reality TV where viewers are willing to believe anything.

By the way, the show's producer Mona Scott-Young should pay for acting lessons for Amina and Peter Gunz. They are horrible! And I'm not buying Erica Mena as a lesbian. Nya, yes. Erica, no ma'am.

Watch the full episode after the break.

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Blind Item

Industry insiders are whispering about a certain reality TV star who is so sprung on her lesbian lover that she blows through frequent flyer miles and buddy passes jetting back and forth to the west coast to see her. They say the reality star recently over extended herself when she flew her strapping lover to New York to attend the Keyshia Cole and Rihanna concerts. She barely had enough money to fly back to LA. Now insiders say the reality star has run out of cash and she was forced to place a call to a well-known businessman here in Atlanta asking him to wire her $1000 so she could fly back to Atlanta. The businessman (who knows she's a lesbian) flat out refused to front her the cash. I'm not sure how the reality star will get back to Atlanta, but I am shocked that no one told me she was a lesbian.


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