Comedienne Kathy Griffin has been diagnosed with lung cancer, despite "never smoking", and will undergo surgery to have part of her left lung removed.

The 60-year-old comedienne took to Instagram on Monday to reveal she has new onset stage one cancer in her left lung and will have half of her left lung removed today, Aug. 2.

Kathy wrote:

"I've got to tell you guys something. I have cancer. I'm about to go into surgery to have half of my left lung removed. Yes, I have lung cancer even though I've never smoked! The doctors are very optimistic as it is stage one and contained to my left lung. Hopefully no chemo or radiation after this and I should have normal function with my breathing."

The Glee star is hopeful that she will make a full recovery after surgery and predicted she will be "up and running around as usual" within a month.


She added:

"I should be up and running around as usual in a month or less. It's been a helluva 4 years, trying to get back to work, making you guys laugh and entertaining you, but I'm gonna be just fine."

Griffin was fully vaccinated months before her cancer diagnosis.

She went on to praise the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine, saying:

"Of course I am fully vaccinated for Covid. The consequences for being unvaccinated would have been even more serious. Please stay up to date on your medical check ups. It'll save your life. XX00, KG."

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Dustin Diamond, best known for his lovable character "Screech" on the hit NBC sitcom, "Saved by the Bell" -- has died. He was 44.

A rep for Dustin tells TMZ the actor died Monday morning after undergoing chemotherapy treatment for stage 4 lung cancer.

His condition deteriorated as the cancer metastasized from his lung to another part of his body. He was admitted to hospice care, and his dad was by his side when he passed away peacefully.

Dustin was initially hospitalized in Florida in January after experiencing pain all over his body. He was eventually diagnosed with cancer.

Dustin wasn't recast for the reboot of Saved by the Bell on NBC. Back in January 2020, he told TMZ he wasn't asked to sign up for the new project. He said he didn't know why but he argued for Screech's rightful spot among the cast.

Dustin would appear in other roles, including as the groom in 98 Degrees' music video for their 1999 hit track, "I Do (Cherish You)."

He also appeared in 2 episodes of "The Wonder Years." He became infamous for directing his own sex tape in 2006 but later admitted to Oprah Winfrey that he used a body double.

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Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh announced he is battling "advanced" lung cancer. The talk radio icon shared the shocking news on his syndicated show on Monday.

"I have to tell you something today that I wish I didn't have to tell you," the 69-year-old cigar smoker said, according to The Hill. "It's a struggle for me, because I had to inform my staff earlier today. I can't help but feel that I'm letting everybody down... The upshot is that I have been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer."

Limbaugh, who is widely viewed as one of President Donald Trump's most influential media allies, will be seeking treatment this week, but he hopes to return to work on Thursday.

Ending his broadcast, Limbaugh revealed that his 31-year run as the host of his popular radio show has brought him "greatness, satisfaction and happiness", adding, "Every day I'm not here, I'll be missing you (listeners) and thinking about you."

Limbaugh signed a contract extension with Premiere Networks last month, ahead of his diagnosis.

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