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A Miami doctor has been banned from performing Brazilian butt lift (BBL) buttocks enhancement surgeries after a patient died on the operating table the same day.

According to the Miami Herald, the 33-year-old patient died after Dr. John Sampson performed BBL surgery on June 16, 2021.

According to an autopsy report obtained by the Herald, Sampson punctured the woman's liver and intestines during the procedure.

The Florida Board of Medicine banned Sampson from performing the BBL procedure again. He was also fined $20,000 and $5,626 for the board's investigation and prosecution costs.

Sampson was ordered to study five hours of continuing education in medical records keeping, a one-hour lecture on liposuction and gluteal fat grafting surgeries, and he can't be the head physician at any private or public medical office or surgery center.


A BBL procedure is a gluteal fat transfer and liposuction surgery that gives women unnaturally exaggerated buttocks and hips.

Hundreds of women get BBL procedures performed every month in the US or in South America, where the prices are cheaper.


Nearly 1 in 5 Black and Hispanic women have had a BBL procedure, according to recent statistics.

In 2020, an estimated 396,000 women had buttocks enhancement surgery. That figure has jumped 20% since 2020.

Women who undergo BBL surgeries typically have low self-esteem and body image disturbance issues.

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A New York City Department of Corrections captain died after undergoing a Brazilian butt lift in the Dominican Republic.

49-year-old Tandra Bowser-Williams, a corrections captain at Rikers Island Jail, suffered a massive stroke just days after undergoing BBL surgery performed by a doctor who was indicted in NY for practicing without a license.

Bowser-Williams reportedly flew to Santo Domingo to receive a fat transfer surgery from plastic surgeon Dr. Hector Cabral, on May 13.

Dr. Cabral was previously indicted in New York in March 2011 on 10 counts of operating without a medical license, fraud and conspiracy charges.

He was accused of charging patients for consultations at med spas and beauty parlors in New York before luring unsuspecting patients to the Dominican Republic for surgery at bargain prices.

Dr. Cabral worked out of a clinic in Santo Domingo, where he operated on patients without a license.

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Rapper Cardi B claimed she had a bad feeling after she booked an appointment for BBL surgery with Dr. Cabral. She canceled the surgery: "I had a feeling and I did it with another doctor," she said.

Bowser-Williams' husband, Curtis Williams, told the N.Y. Daily News that his wife was aware of Dr. Cabral's indictment, but she trusted him anyway.

"Her exact words to me were, 'you're gonna love Dr. Cabral's work.' I didn't care one way or another. I accepted my wife the way she was," he told the Daily News.

Williams said he received an urgent call from a nurse at a clinic where his wife had been transferred after suffering a stroke. She told Williams that his wife had a stroke.

"They brought my wife out of the medically induced coma so she could unlock her phone, so that's how she was able to get in touch with me," he said.

"I heard my wife in the background, and she was complaining about her stomach and her butt."

He said she died before he could arrive in Santo Domingo to be by her side.

Williams said Dr. Cabral paid for his plane ticket to the Dominican Republic as well as his wife's embalming at a local funeral home.

"Everybody is distraught. She was the heart, the lifeline of the family. The heartbeat," Williams said.

In 2017, at least four women died during surgeries with Dr. Cabral at the same clinic.


Salt-N-Pepa star Sandra Denton is suing her cosmetic surgeon for negligence after accusing him of botching a series of butt implant operations.

The rap veteran wanted natural-looking butt implants, so she turned to Dr. David Sayah for help in September, 2019 after she was injured in a July, 2018 car accident. The accident dislodged her previous butt implants and left her in extreme discomfort.

In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Denton, 51, claims she wanted to have the implants completely removed, but Sayah allegedly convinced her to replace her old implants with smaller silicone inserts.


When the silicon implants failed, the old skool rapper accused Sayah of pressuring her to undergo another procedure. This time her implants hardened and affected her ability to move and perform without pain.

Denton claims Dr. Sayah also failed to perform a liposuction procedure to remove excess fat, which left her requiring more corrective surgery.

Denton went under the knife again in February to have Dr. Sayah remove all of the silicone, but that surgery was also a failure and Denton continued to suffer extreme pain.

She went to see another doctor who ordered a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, which found a "large amount of biopolymer silicone and dead scar tissue" in her backside.

Now facing even more surgery, Denton is suing the original surgeon for damages, accusing him of leaving her disfigured and dealing with ongoing injuries for the rest of her life.

Hopefully, RHOA veteran NeNe Leakes is paying attention to Denton's sad story. NeNe, 52, allegedly underwent butt implants surgery recently.

Undergoing butt implants surgery in your 50s is considered risky because, as we age, our muscle begins to deteriorate, which slows down the healing process.

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A British surgeon's unusual surgical technique has landed him in hot water with the medical board.

Professor Ninian Peckitt, 63, was "erased" from a registry that recognizes licensed doctors in the UK. The medical board found that Peckitt was unfit to practice medicine after the surgeon punched a patient in the face 10 times while he was under anesthesia in the operating room.

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Local rapper Jai Jai has made it no secret that she tragically lost her baby 3 years ago shortly after delivery. The baby's father is local rapper Oowee, who once ran with the notorious BMF family and is now incarcerated on attempted murder charges in Florida.

Jai Jai was also involved in a long term relationship with rapper Shawty Lo, who recently proposed to his baby mama Creia.

According to a loyal reader who asked to remain anonymous, Jai Jai was the victim of medical malpractice by a plastic surgeon who allowed an unlicensed gynecologist to work in his practice.

The medical board took punitive action against the doctor, but he was allowed to keep his license and he continues to practice medicine today. A lawsuit filed by jai Jai was later dismissed.