Remember Mychal Knight, the Project Runway contestant who we all thought was on his way to the top because we forgot that fame as a star of a reality show doesn't last (ask Crystal, Bootz and Buckeey).

Mychal, whose Twitter page is MajorKnight, was on everyone's urban A-list (not to be confused with the real A-list where you will find very few black names).

But like most reality TV personalities often do, Mychal burned his 15-minute candle at both ends, spending money that he didn't have on things he didn't need, like for instance a publicist. Speaking of publicists, there is no truth to the rumor that Mychal had an ongoing affair with his publicist, Satchel J., who appeared on RHOA recently as an event planner for Lisa Wu's laughable fashion show.

In fact, what I hear is that Mychal (allegedly) ran through most of the club kids and random street thugs in the A and has now settled down quite a bit. As far as fashion goes, Mychal limits his talents to custom tailoring orders on a first-come, first serve cash basis. And if you know him personally, he even makes house calls.

Rod who runs the popular alternative lifestyle blog Rod 2.0 posted a Blind item the other day about a gay reality star who spends much of his time stalking pr0n stars on

I think the gay reality star is Mychal Knight, though I could be wrong. Judge for yourself:

Blind item: Which black gay reality star and fashionista is not having his "big" moment during New York Fashion Week? Instead of being seen on television giving commentary, he's spent his afternoons on Twitter and Facebook stalking some of West Hollywood's biggest and blondest porn stars. It's "getting out of control", friends say, because one of the porn pups told friends the reality fashionista followed him to Trader Joe's on Santa Monica. To the same aisle. Twice in one week.

Oh and would you call it stalking when a person creates several multiple Twitter identities daily to "follow" at least two porn actors who blocked them? It's almost enough to make you kick him out of the house!

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