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Miami PD

Miami police plan to charge a real estate agent as a suspect in a string of murders in the South Florida area.

Willy Suarez Maceo will be charged as a "suspected serial killer" on Thursday evening. He is currently in jail on a trespassing charge.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and interim Police Chief Manuel Morales are expected to announce the charges against Suarez Maceo at 5 p.m. EST.

Suarez Maceo, 25, is a suspect in two shootings that occurred on Tuesday night. In one case, a homeless man was shot to death in the Wynwood area. Another victim who was shot, survived.

Detectives are also investigating Suarez Maceo in connection to another shooting death in October.

Records show Suarez Maceo is a licensed real estate broker for Century 21. His Instagram page shows photos of homes for sale in Miami, Kendall, South Miami and Palmetto Bay.

According to his Facebook page, Suarez Maceo attended Miami Sunset Senior High School. His interests include driving luxury cars, bikini models and photos of himself posing in front of a Porsche at a cryptocurrency conference in June.

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A real estate agent is credited with exposing Zillow's home-flipping business model.

In the 2-minute viral video, the Nevada-based agent, Sean Gotcher lays out a hypothetical scenario involving a billion-dollar company that buys entire neighborhoods and flips the houses for a quick dollar profit.

In his hypothetical situation, Gotcher wondered what would happen if the unnamed company created its own neighborhood comps (comparable home prices) to artificially drive up the prices of the homes it was selling.

Gotcher provides an example: the company purchased 30 homes for $300,000 each. Then purchased a home for $340,000 in the same neighborhood. That extra $40,000 would artificially increase the comps in the neighborhood.

"What that just did is create a new comp," Gotcher said.

The video has since garnered over 3 million views and is credited with accelerating the collapse of Zillow's "iBuying" model.

However, both Zillow and Redfin denied overpaying for houses to drive up the comps.

"Intentionally overpaying for homes would be a terrible business model," a Redfin spokesperson said.

Zillow has since halted its iBuying program and has stopped purchasing homes in areas such as Atlanta and Dallas.

The company is looking to sell off 7,000 homes for $2.8 billion -- much lower than what Zillow originally paid for the homes.

Watch Gotcher's video below.



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BCSD, Facebook

A South Florida teenager is in jail charged with kidnapping and killing a Fort Lauderdale real estate agent.

Henry Lee Lewis III, 15, is being held without bond following his arrest on second-degree murder and armed robbery charges in the shooting death of 37-year-old Stefano Barbosa.

Police say Lewis accosted Barbosa who was on his way to meet with tenants on February 1, Fox News reported.

The masked teen forced Barbosa to drive to a nearby bank at gunpoint and ordered him to withdraw $1,000 out of an ATM machine.

Barbosa made two separate $500 withdrawals, according to investigators who reviewed bank records.

After withdrawing the cash, Lewis allegedly ordered Barbosa to drive a few miles away and then shot him point blank in the chest.

The car swerved off the road, crashed through a fence and hit a tree. Lewis then fled on foot.

A resident heard the crash and called 911, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported. Police found Barbosa unresponsive in his car with a bullet wound to the chest.

School workers were able to identify Lewis from surveillance video, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

Lewis was already in police custody on unrelated charges.

He has a lengthy criminal history dating back to a firearms charge when he was just 12, according to the news outlet.

The boy will be tried as an adult to ensure that he will not be released from a juvenile jail at age 18.

"These types of decisions are very difficult to make but I believe this is the correct decision in this case and in these circumstances," Broward State Attorney Harold F. Pryor said in a statement.

"This young person's issues are so significant that they require treatment, help and services beyond what the juvenile justice system can provide at this time. If this case were to be handled as a juvenile matter, he would have to be released from the juvenile justice system at age 18."

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A Minneapolis realtor was abducted and murdered by a drug dealer in retaliation for a dispute he had with her boyfriend.

Police say Monique Baugh, a 28-year-old mother of two, was shot and killed in an alleyway on Jan. 1, 2020.

Baugh, a real estate agent, was lured to an empty Maple Grove home under the pretense of showing the house on New Year's Day.

Two men rented a U-Haul truck for a friend Cedric Berry, a drug dealer who paid them in heroin.

Surveillance video from across the street shows Baugh arrive and park at the home around 3 p.m. in a black BMW. She was seen going inside the house to prepare for the showing.

According to an affidavit, the U-Haul passed the house and a person was seen walking into the home.

The U-Haul then pulled up to the house and backed up to the garage doors. Two men were seen walking out of the garage "and appeared to be closely, if not forcibly, holding onto a third person," according to the affidavit.

Two people were seen getting into the back of the U-Haul at about 3:20 p.m., and a third person drove it away. Police later found Baugh's BMW still parked at the empty Maple Grove house.

The U-Haul was abandoned in an alley where Baugh's body was found. The truck "smelled strongly of ammonia," according to the complaint.

The U-Haul truck was traced to the men who rented it, and they gave up Berry's name. Berry was arrested on Jan. 2.

A search warrant was executed on Berry's vehicle. Police found 13 bags of marijuana. And a black mask.

Berry was charged with kidnapping and second-degree murder in Baugh's death. Baugh's boyfriend, a rival drug dealer, was also shot on New Year's Day, but he survived the shooting.

Berry is also charged with second-degree murder for attempting to kill Baugh's boyfriend, the father of her two children.

The boyfriend told police a man entered his home using a key, and shot him several times in the torso. The children, ages 1 and 3, were inside the home at the time. They were not injured.

A GofundMe account created to help Baugh's children raised over $30,000 in donations.