You may recall back in February, I posted information about a contest involving singer/songwriter Sean Garrett. I told you that he would select a few of you to spend the day inside his studio so you can watch him craft hits.

Garrett wasn't asked for money or for gifts. He was simply asked to give of his time, which he agreed to do -- as long as he received face time on my blog in return.

Sean and I discussed this contest at length over a period of 4 weeks. We even discussed it in person over lunch. And when the deadline passed without a word from him, I emailed Garrett to remind him. But Sean conveniently ignored my emails.

In the meantime, he emailed me promotional videos and shots of himself shirtless or with a LSLH chick on the set of of his music videos, which I posted.

But I politely declined to post more promo photos of him in July, and I again reminded him of his commitment. I never heard back from him until last night when I told his publicist via email that I was done supporting Garrett.

She had emailed me to invite me to his "mixtape" party at the Gold Room where he planned to give away 2 Louis Vuitton bags.

When I told her (in so many words) that Sean could kick rocks, Garrett quickly responded with this email blurb:

Please Call me Sandra u know I love me some Sandra
I just got really really overwelmed and I need to make this up to u.Please call me asap

Does his pathetic pleading remind you of anyone?

Sean Garrett is an example of a self-absorbed, self-centered narcissist who thinks the world revolves around him. Like most celebrity narcissists, he doesn't feel the need to honor commitments or to apologize for bad behavior unless it's absolutely necessary for them to keep their narcissistic supply flowing.

Well, his 15 minutes are over as far as I'm concerned.

When rapper Gucci Mane was released from the Fulton County jail at midnight on Wednesday (May 12), one of the first calls he made was to Atlanta's premier party planner Jamahl King of S.T.E.P.S. Events to coordinate his big Welcome Home dinner at the swanky Georgian Terrace Hotel.

As you can see from these pictures, Jamahl (pictured) did not disappoint! In less than 24 hours, Jamahl laid out quite a spread for Gucci and his guests inside one of the huge Georgian Terrace ballrooms.

Well-heeled guests such as R&B singers/reality show stars Monica and Kandi Burruss; rappers Big Boi, Shawty Lo and Wacka Flocka Flame; producers Jazze Pha, Sean Garrett, dined on filet mignon, miniature beef Wellington, peekytoe crab salad, pecan crusted chicken, bananas foster and freely flowing champagne!

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A while back I promised you ladies that singer/songwriter Sean Garrett would chat live with you on Well, Sean has agreed to take some time out of his busy schedule to chat with you guys tonight at 11 pm!

We're going to do it a little differently from the way we did our Live Chats in the past. Instead of Sean leaving comments, Sean will chat live via Ustream video embedded in this blog post so you can see him while he answers your comments directly.

Don't forget, Sean will select a few of you to spend some the day with him inside his studio so you can watch a master at work! Those of you without Gravatar pics will not be considered. Sean wants to see who he's picking to come to his studio.

Sean also asks that you keep it clean tonight. Don't act out of pocket or ask him dirty questions. He knows you want his Hawt body, but he wants you to save the sex talk for when you see him in person! Hey, you never know, I might meet you at his studio that day too!

Don't forget to check back tonight for Sean Garrett's Live Chat right here on!


Chat has been rescheduled for tomorrow night (Feb. 26) at 7 pm.

Check out this video of Sean Garrett titled The Tour: