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Pink opened up to PEOPLE about her struggles raising her two children with husband Carey Hart.

The 42-year-old pop singer admits she gets "overwhelmed all the time" being mommy to son Jameson Moon Hart, 5, and daughter Willow Sage Hart, 10.

"I cry in my closet a lot," said Pink. "Here's the problem when you don't have boundaries in your house — I'll go in the shower and have a full out loud conversation with myself and I'll turn around and Willow's been standing there staring at me the entire time."

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Pink says she and her daughter, Willow, are polar opposites and sometimes she gets overwhelmed relating to her eldest child.

"We really need to get more locks in this house," she said. "I try to explain to my children that me going to the bathroom is not an invitation for a family meeting. I get overwhelmed all the time. I am an extrovert. I process out loud and my daughter is an introvert and I don't know what she's thinking half the time."

The actress said she relies on her friends and "the community and the village that we have to check in with [Willow] as much as I can."

Pink said she relies on her friends to relate to her daughter if she can't.

"I know that sometimes I'm going to learn more about my daughter from my friend who their daughter plays together and that's okay."

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